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How to create financial safety cushion ?

Sow thought, reap action.

Sow action, reap a habit.

Sow a habit, reap character.

Sow character, reap eternal wellbeing .

David of the lake Mackay

Why to many people is not possible to grow rich, despite desire?

The matter is that money can be earned, only showing activity and effectiveness. Money comes to those people who want to live and transform this world. And how many people do not want to live at all? It is hidden deeply in subconsciousness of the person and is shown in a depression and in despondency, in anger and in irritation, in offense and in pity. Everything that inside, and outside so, it is necessary to bring first of all order not only to the thoughts, but also to emotions.

Any person, having made certain efforts, can become the rich; as well as any idler, a time later, can become a poor. And it does not depend at all on position which the person holds now. It turns out that to become the financially secure person, it is necessary to make certain efforts.

What it efforts? Whether on forces they to the simple person?

Actually, everything is so simple that to me it is even a little strange that many people for certain know about it, but for any reasons do not do. Though it is also the simplest and easily feasible way of creation of the capital: At first pay yourself - 10% for the future, and then spend . What here difficult?

It is just necessary to tell himself: Since today, I take the future in hand, and only from me from anybody it is more, my life depends. I completely am responsible for myself and for the family . farther to work with

A thus: every time, gaining any income (a salary, an award, a gift etc.) at once to lay off 10% in a separate purse or a moneybox. Why exactly at once, but not, for example, next day or at the end of the month?

The matter is that poor people differ from the rich only in the habits. And so, the main habit of the rich - at first to postpone, and then to spend. The poor has all on the contrary, at first will spend, and then that will remain, postpone. More often, in such cases, turns out, and to have that already could not be postponed somewhere to occupy to a salary.

If all - a habit at first to postpone to accept for itself and to begin to realize, then begins to grow the capital soon. But this yet not most difficult. It turns out that it is much more difficult to make this moneybox untouchable. As soon as the person begins to save money, right there are important, at first sight, expenses which it is simply impossible to refuse.

And in us the real fight begins to happen. On the one hand, of course, we understand that it is necessary to think of the future, but, with another, we live - that we today and now, and pleasures from life want to be received today. To resist in such fight and not to give in to a temptation happens very difficult, and, sometimes, and it is impossible.

For this reason only 10% of the population of our planet - rich people because for them the future is much more priority than momentary pleasures.

On own experience I can tell that if to reduce the income by 10%, then the standard of living in general does not change in any way, and just you do not notice it. Moreover, one more Law of the Nature begins to work: Similar attracts similar and the income begins to increase in some way. It turns out that it is one of effective ways of fund raising in the life.

Thus, laying off only 10% of the income in an untouchable moneybox:

- at us does not change a standard of living at all;

- at us gradually collects the capital which to become safety cushion also it is necessary during crises or other situations when there is no constant income;

- it promotes attraction of new opportunities, so and money.

It seems to me that game is worth the candle especially now, when behind windows of our houses world financial crisis rages, and it is necessary to hope only for itself because there is nobody any more.

For persistent work it is rendered in the future. For laziness - render " now; - wise men say.

Not to follow the tastes momentary pleasures, it is necessary to give extremely frankly and honestly to himself answers to the following questions:

- whether really you want to earn big money?

- that in your representation is big money ?

- whether you are ready to pay for the material prosperity in alienation of some friends and relatives?

- whether you on yourself are ready to feel constantly envy of losers?

should Pay for success, it is not necessary to play at hide-and-seek with itself.

But, at the same time, why all those who already achieved success, so strong to hold it?

Yes because there, at success top, wind blows really much stronger, than at the bottom, however the horizons opening from above is a hundred times more beautiful, than below!

Isn`t that so?