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Why we do not love Mondays?

want to make a reservation At once that this article expresses subjective opinion of the author. The author understands that there are people who as love Mondays, and just exactly treat them.

However, the statistics both published in various editions, and collected by me throughout life as a result of communication with representatives of various cultures, spheres of occupations and a way of life is relentless. The people do not love Mondays! Naturally it will be a question of those who work. Not on, and on that uncle.

Reasonable question: why?

Where I worked, never met colleagues who with pleasure would go on Monday to work. People express the most joyful emotions on Fridays, in anticipation of days off. At once there are so much affairs and ideas appears. And what on Monday? On Monday all fatefully go on the workplaces to begin to carry out a duty. Though it is strange, for many work is loved, but all of them is equal on Mondays, especially since morning, it is persistently not loved.

And this dislike by Mondays happens in independence of that as the person spent days off: badly or well. And hardly waking up in the morning, he is not ready for positive perception of surrounding reality any more. And having come to work, begins to share or how he perfectly spent days off and as there is a wish for continuation, or says that days off do not leave and he is during this time only even more tired therefore to go to work in general forces was not.

In general such relation by Mondays could be created at bulk because since the childhood when it was necessary to begin with something useful to be engaged, we shelved this business, or till Monday. That is we created resistant negative attitude because, beginning something since Monday, we break the foundations, perhaps, ourselves, or simply do in what there was no wish to be engaged.

New life since Monday! - sounds positively. But, if we so want new life, then why to postpone until Monday? Probably not so we want. And it means that Monday for us is a peculiar Doomsday.

And this overcoming something through I do not want on Mondays created permanent rejection of this day at the majority. Perhaps, Monday on negative emotions we will compare unless with Friday 13 - go numbers - in spite of the fact that Friday as day of working week, most of citizens loves, here only magic figure 13 forces to treat watchfully this day and many also do not like to do something this day, be - that routine work or some undertakings.

Moreover all remember the well-known song executed by Andrey Mironov in the movie Diamond hand : What they do not do, there are no affairs, it is visible on Monday their mother gave rise . Probably and here, already on subconsciousness, at us it was postponed that of Monday it is not necessary to wait for anything good.

But there is a justification of dislike of the people by Mondays and from the point of view of such doctrine as astrology. It is considered that Monday is under control of the Moon which is the planet emotional and impressionable. Besides, she patronizes water elements, and from here - tearful mood. On Mondays we transfer criticism more difficultly, we become more vulnerable and easier we give in to despondency.

It should be noted that the Moon still is a sign of the house, families, a cosiness and an order, so are Monday the most suitable day when it is worth bringing order to everything, beginning from own apartment, finishing with the moods and soul.