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From where he is St. Valentine?

Put Saint Valentin as the holiday of lovers is celebrated on February 14 in Europe from 13th century. In the USA - since 1777. In the countries of the CIS (openly) - c began 1990 - x years.

O of life of the real Christian Valentin (Terni - the Roman empire was born in the 3rd century AD in) almost is known nothing. The poor facts of the tragic biography are found from the legends contradicting the friend to the friend. Tell that the bishop Terni, being a young person, rendered to young lovers a special arrangement - helped to write letters with recognitions in love, reconciled quarreled, gave flowers to young spouses. His arrest was caused allegedly by the fact that the Roman emperor Yuli Claudius II did not allow soldiers of imperial legions to fall in love and marry, and Valentin secretly crowned legionaries.

When Valentin sat in prison, he allegedly fell in love with the blind daughter of the executioner - and cured it. Speak, the truth that business was on the contrary: the supervisor asked Valentin to cure the daughter, and that fell in love with the disgraced priest. Before execution he left it a farewell note and subscribed: Your Valentin . From here - and cards Valentine`s Day cards (in the course since 1800 - x) and a holiday. Date of execution sv. Valentin coincided with the Roman celebrations in Juno`s honor, goddesses of love. This day in Rome was considered as the beginning of spring.

Today Day of Saint Valentin escaped far for a framework of especially Catholic and became most that on is a celebration, mass, most favourite at many people.

Vcex festive madnesses which are made by quite serious people in Day sv. Valentin, it is impossible to list. That there cards in the form of hearts! That there candies, spirits and flowers! That jewelry as it is accepted in France! Whether it is capable, for example, iron lady America, the Secretary of State Madeleine Albright to bypass participants of a meeting of Council of Safety of OOH, handing to everyone on a beautiful sack of co sweets? It is capable - in Day sv. Valentin. Whether furious Peruvian terrorists to the hostages are capable to pass intermediaries with chocolates and a compact - disks? Certainly - so was in Day sv. Valentin.

Red roses which, according to an antique legend, appeared thanks to the Greek goddess of love and beauty are considered as a classical emblem of Valentinov of day: Aphrodite, hurrying to the favourite Adonis, stepped on a bush of white roses, and her divine blood empurpled them in red color.

The interesting fact that on February 14 - day of increase of productivity of work of post workers and day of excess profits of dealers in flowers and souvenirs. In the USA last year this day bought 24 thousand roses a minute. The account of electronic messages to Internet goes on February 14 on millions.

It is hard to say what else holiday is so popular as a St. Valentine`s Day. This day lovers give each other gifts and cards - Valentine`s Day cards.

Most part Valentine`s Day cards it is anonymous, has no return address, it is written from right to left or the left hand. It is so accepted - it adds mysteriousness. The truth recipients are forced to look for then the anonymous envoy if believe in destiny.

Each people celebrate St. Valentine`s Day differently. British, for example, send love messages to St. Valentine`s Day not only to friends and acquaintances, but also the pets (isn`t that so, it is very lovely from their party).

Japanese were more original - they remade on February 14 in peculiar On March 8 for men when gifts are received in the basic by a strong floor.