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What romantic hero near you?

Tatyana wrote the letter to Onegin. Whether means it that the girl can take the first step? Whether the modern woman will begin to rush to Volga if she fools around, or Ostrovsky`s times passed? And how in general it turned out what Natasha everything is married Pierre if he thick and ugly?

However, the speech not about it, and conversation will go will remember the school program for literature that not only you are not present yes, bringing order to the private life. Some men did not sleep at lessons of literature and which too - that they from there for themselves took out. Namely simple truth: to be masked the romantic hero very conveniently.

Pechorin can near you?

Modern Pechorin as well as his book prototype, is dressed very modestly and is somehow gray, but if to get accustomed - very expensively. It is a painful compromise between his love for itself and panic fear to attract to themselves someone`s critical attention. It is often possible to find it looking in a mirror with a pleased smile on a face. It has a good figure costing to it considerable works. Each person respecting himself has to be in good shape - the sign on doors of its inferiority complex says. It from those people who till an old age uses seducing methods from an arsenal of the third class of high school. Only now he does not pull you braids, and arranges small dirty tricks on service. At the same time he innocently stares and hints that he just wanted to test you for durability because he sees in you the equal rival. The fact that you were not going to compete to it at all does not matter. Once you take offense - he begins to be reconciled at once. Brings you coffee, tells jokes, says that it is impossible to pout as the small child that he appreciates you that you understand his humour, unlike many headless silly women which slightly that - at once take offense.

seems to You that you at last found the man who can estimate in the woman of the interlocutor. It is pleasant to you that it has many female friends. Then, however, it becomes clear that all of them are not so much friends, how many his former, present or future mistresses. And not that he from you hid it, just you did not ask earlier. You should not forget that he looks for the princess Veru which has to be married and live in other city - he still will be able to maintain such relations, he is not able to connect by any obligations. Therefore and it is no wonder that all its relations with women get such friendly character .

So if suddenly to you Pechorin met on your course of life, then it is better to transfer it to the category " at once; heart-felt people and to try to steer clear of it, and even itself you will not manage to look back as it will turn out next the victim in his hands . Women, as a rule, speak about it so: Intriguer and ladies` man .

And also Don Quixote can?

At first sight there is an impression about such type of men that he washes the clothes directly on himself - in the washing machine. Most likely, it does a hairstyle to itself(himself) too. Possibly, folding knife. The lack of intelligence of his eyes manages to be noticed when he removes points. Appointments to it are similar to the tightened political information. For you it spends money one and a half times smaller, than for wildlife conservation. After a while will begin to seem to you that about his small fishes in an aquarium you know more, than about the immediate family. First with it it is awfully interesting - around you some intensive life full of the ideological fight, political actions and strange people who are spending the night in kitchen under a sink begins to boil. Even will seem to you that your existence stopped being senseless vegetation. You found the mission. It is solved: he will save the world, and you will rescue it. He looks for Dulcinea - the woman who actually does not exist.

it is necessary to steer clear Of men of this kind. To burn all documents with prints of his fingers. If investigators come, and will show its photo - not for the world not to admit that you were familiar. If in 40 years you see it on the TV, then will be able to brag to grandsons: And once we were more, than friends .

of the Woman about it is told so: It is not excluded that this loony will be chosen still as the deputy .

Near you Hamlet?

He is inclined to put on in all black because this color allegedly never gets out of fashion . At it usually is not enough for spirit to throw out an old thing and if to you happiness has to carry out audit in its cases, you will be able to make quite good idea of development of the textile industry for the last 15 years. He can buy a new thing if properly to shout at it. As a result he often is, is similar to walking advertizing of a sekondkhend.

of the Relation with it develop so: for the first ten years (since the third class of high school) they in general do not develop in any way. At school he timidly looks at you from a corner and quickly turns away, once you catch his eye. At institute he studies in a parallel stream and occasionally dares to ask for you to rewrite abstracts. Then, at a party of school friends, he drinks more, than usually, and breaks through him: he admits that he loved all these years only you. It, of course, impresses you, and you allow to involve yourself in his so-called life which actually - series of continuous problems. He hard thinks of the questions To Drink or not to drink? Is or is not? To Tell or keep silent? To Bypass or jump? - and thousands of similar, binding hand and foot of him.

I for some reason seemed at once to you that it the thoughtful personality. The fact that it long detains a look on your face, prompted you incorrect thought that it delighted with your appearance. Actually every time when it looks at you, he reflects: whether it is worth continuing with you the relations, or it is better to throw you right now? But do not worry ahead of time if you suddenly already fallen in love the Hamlet, in 99 cases from 100 it comes to the conclusion that it is better to leave everything as it is.

He looks for Ophelia - the girl so autistic and shipped in dreamland that it continuous moaning does not irritate him at all. If suddenly though for a minute you wanted to become

his Ophelia, then is not necessary, you should not even try to hype up it, and better politely and resolutely to say goodbye. Time spent with it to delete from the life. If he takes in head to start everything anew - not to move. Remember: to try to build the relations with Hamlet - all the same what to run up the escalator going down.

of the Woman speak about it so: This is not the man, it is a rag .

Look narrowly, Don Juan can do it?

Don Juan, as a rule, looks good. Perhaps, it is dressed and not in the latest fashion, but his suit hardly fits big shoulders, and jeans well emphasize a figure. It one of those rare men who do not hesitate to begin conversation with the phrase: The Girl, apparently, we somewhere met . What you would not answer, he right there begins to make jokes, without giving you the chance to soberly estimate a situation. Everything occurs very quickly: it is the novel - the express - it rushes at a speed of 100 km/h and passes a half of stops. Courting, long preludes, walks under the moon, doubts and indecision stay behind scenes. In this sense Don Juan reminds instant soup from a bag a little: Time - it is also ready! . It always appears on a step ahead of you. You only decided to allow it to invite you to drink coffee in a lunch break, - and it is already declared to you home with flowers and champagne. You in indecision whether to kiss him today at parting, and it already order to the taxi driver to go to hotel. You carefully consider how to tell it that you should not meet more, and he, appears, already threw you.

Frankly speaking, in principle are not pleasant to it women. But this martyr of female hearts continues to touch persistently. He looks for Donna Anna - the commodore`s wife, well or at least the leader of local mafia group. Anyway it has to be absolutely inaccessible woman.

Everything that will connect you with such man - only entertainment and should be taken at once for granted that it for a while. When it leaves you, it is possible to breathe sigh of relief: at least, now rage of jealous competitors will stream on other victim.

Enthusiastic young women speak of it so: Perhaps it and not the handsome man, but is as a real man attractive .

And also Romeo can nearby?

It is clean, brushed, fashionable, from it pleasantly smells of expensive perfume. Your mother believes that it is a little sugary, and does not believe that he is your age-mate: What you came to, you contacted the school student! But your girlfriends consider that it just the lassie also is similar to Matt Dimon, and to you it is enough.

For Romeo love always begins at first sight. Having faced you where - nibud at the brisk intersection, it literally grows into the earth, provoking road accident. It can not flatter you, and you beg GAI officers to let him go in peace. Romeo falls to your legs in literal and figurative sense of the word. He carries flowers, sings serenades, at least two times per day kneel. Surrounds you with such romanticism that you begin to feel, as if you were put in the TV. It is so beautiful, so touching, well which of us did not dream of such love???

Should not forget that Romeo needs only Juliette - the girl who will want to support his games with which it will be possible to admire himself together beautifully.