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What they are wedding efforts? You can say

that you to you absolutely all the same in what dress Kladudia Schiffer married, can convince all that least of all interests you how many guests were flown on Paul McCartney`s wedding and Mills Is cunning and to bullshit all, those that you have no thoughts into the account of own wedding. I repeat, you can make all this and many other things, but as soon as he takes you by hands and will ask whether you agree to become his wife, you will fly up in the sky with happiness, will answer Yes!!! also you will plunge into the most delightful period - preparation for a wedding.

Because dream of a wedding everything. Almost everything. Even those for whom all weddings of the world really nonsense, - even they sometimes represent themselves in something white and air. Despite abundance doubting, only units really sincerely and up to the depth of soul hate wild shouts Bitterly! and veil.

Because a wedding - it is fine. And the fine wedding costs much - so so will have to lay out from 3500 to.... And efforts before its beginning when it seems that all went crazy, are unique and are most of all remembered. And when all worry - perfectly when mothers cry, fathers smoke, brides nervously laugh, and grooms hardly breathe after a bachelor party when all scurry about hurry, finish or doglazhivat a dress, dozakazyvat music, do the most beautiful hair in life which stands up from 20 dollars and above, and a perfect make-up approximately for ten - thirty dollars, shiver waiting for the groom, then shiver before an altar, giggle in a registry office, then walk to a dawn and again giggle, and someone cries

But, all this, of course, is fine again, but many consider for a long time that is worse than a wedding, there can be only a repair. It is good if upon termination of a wedding celebration remain - two lovers each other of the person, untouched housing and the kept related communications. Then, consider, the wedding was successful. There is, however, other tendency. Some are sure, the worse, the better. For these thugs and a wedding not a wedding if at it nobody reveled and did not fill to the neighbor the person. Whether it is necessary to say what weddings it is more and on what is more cheerful???

of the Wedding happen different and such as: next morning the next day there is a large number of the broken ware; the great difficulty to find the bride after a celebration, that is the dress is, the veil is, venochek there are and even shoes, and there is no bride. It only seems that a wedding - action traditional and predictable. Say, nothing new was thought up: the veil, a registry office, undersigned, celebrated, began to live happily. But not so everything is simple as it seems everyone the bride approaches

the choice of a dress with the taste and opinion. White, of course, white - dreams mother and most of brides. For such classical dress it is necessary to give from 250 - and to well already to you to solve it, depending on a condition of a purse. Though there are also eccentric persons, just recently incidentally passed at the Tiraspol Registry office and from five brides, in a white dress there were only two girls, and the others gave preference to a pink dress. Now pink color in fashion!!! By the way, the pink miracle will cost to you 10 times more, than the classics - a limit of the prices begins from 350 dollars.

Most important, it is worth to remember that the wedding dress is what all life young dreamed of. At unconscious age she for certain drew some to a kalyak also ran to show all and to tell where here a nimbus where a veil. And everything that occurs around it now: vanity, preparations, cake for which will have to give from a purse 30 dollars or maybe all 100, invitations for guests everyone which costs a little so so cents 20 - 30 and nerves, even in the most insignificant occasion.

If you suddenly the bride - the eccentric person, then is skupleno all white in the city, the person, once with own eyes seeing Christian Dior is found, staff cutting and sewing is driven and the bride will plunge into the most sweet and the most desired - into creation of own dream. Dreams for one day! Which, will cost you approximately also, as well as outer garments.

Later a dress will be ready two weeks, and all will simply die of envy. Because what the dress would not turn out even if it all one big frill, it and is what all women dream of, young and mature, - the real wedding dress. So and, everything that, there is, a present around - and festive to the refined menu, both guests, and a limousine, and Mendelssohn, and the person whose surname it just took. Then a heap of bows and frills, hardly live from blots of a sparkling and cigarette smoke, will clear and will bury in a case subsoil as memory and production for the growing-up children (of course in case of purchase of a dress though now many just prefer to hire a dress in salon). Still I remember a mother`s wedding dress, I under a table went, but already found it and soon by fittings and subraces destroyed. And it is a pity, the dress was delightful.

At a wedding is almost inevitable jewelry. The host from their number (walking at weddings, noticed more than once), it we will not avert as the groom with the bride. And if you are afraid that at a wedding will be, not so cheerfully as you want it, then deeply you are mistaken. Everything will be even more cheerful!!!

Is, the truth hope that the person will get a role of the host well-mannered, polite, well educated, with sense of humour and the most important - not drinking. Perhaps, somewhere all weddings teem with such hosts, but personally I about teetotal did not hear at all. But heard history how one leader drank to that this wedding for the groom did not become the last. The groom grinned, and the bride long without deliberating, just started in the host a cluster of candies, from the vase standing on a table nearby.

A most important should not forget that heroes of the occasion - you!!!

And therefore should be presented each other this day the poem - let from one line; a star - let Polar; promises - let the most impracticable; and then long - long to remember all romantic nonsense and nonsenses of this day and especially how you were happy then!.

By the way often forget that they after this celebration remain not only mountains of ware, the spoiled furniture and the destroyed related communications (and with some and it happens), but also a lot of photos and unforgettable video. And as if it was not died family further, it will be always pleasant to you to take out a family album and to poshelestet pages. Here the bride, green for fear, is tried to be rolled up in a cloth and to hide from the groom; here the groom kind eyes looks at the mother-in-law before otplyasat with her under all the famous song - My Mother-in-law ; and here the mother-in-law in air; and here the father-in-law in a jump; here cake on a face at one at the guest; there are our witnesses who with sympathy look at each other; and here we let out pigeons; a handful of rice and a heel in a shot. And of course the most concerning moment - a list, an exchange of rings, the first matrimonial kiss an exit, an exit from the Registry office and wedding

I if suddenly after a wedding feels depressed and will seem to you that something shuddered in family idyll, return to the happy past, take out the wildest photo of the groom and hang up before an entrance to the house. - he will be delighted, will embrace you, will call the old woman and you together remember as yours the wedding, a wedding, a wedding sang - and - and and danced - and - and! .