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Life for later? No, here and now!

the Habit to leave things for emergency appeared at many, probably, from that Soviet period when we received these or those overseas goods according to coupons, defending mad turns. General casing and an agiotage made the business, and now at many identical coats, rugs with which we cover chairs, spirits and other...

Of course, since then most of people changed, wore out or just threw out those objects, but still it is possible to find such here things left on " in many families; special life cases. How many myself I remember, at the grandmother spirits which so never began to smell it and did not try on on herself were behind a transparent door in a cupboard. On all my questions why? and when? she answered: Time " Will come;. However time came and the grandmother left this world, and spirits and remained to stand on a shelf behind a glass dvertseyu. Now, however, they moved to other shelf, to other case - to my mother, and again stand, wait for the special case.

Having glanced at these spirits today, I thought how often we postpone life for later. Bought, for example, a new jacket to some event, the event did not take place, and the jacket remained to hang in a wardrobe to the following occasion to put on it.

You should not postpone nothing for later, every day which we live - it is a special case. We do not know how many even such days it is necessary to us and therefore it is not necessary to miss life in all its paints. It concerns not only things material, but also spiritual.

So, for example, we often prefer to twirl in routine, performing homework, and we do not find time for reading the book bought several months ago. Long ago we want to call the friend, but, having started turning in the problems, we remember it when we or did not have forces, or all sleep.

If was a commonplace to gather at a big table to all relatives earlier and to communicate moreover play cheerfully in thrown up or a rooster, then now these traditions in the majority of families left at all. At best we see the family on a funeral or weddings. Thus after a meeting there is always a bitterish deposit: Well why we so seldom communicate? But nostalgia passes and we again entirely plunge into the problems, losing joyful minutes of communication with close people to the next occasion.

So you should not postpone life for later! You learn to appreciate all its manifestations. You should not keep nothing for later. It then - rather illusive time.

Take crystal glasses which to you were presented on a wedding and which also wait for a special case, and taste from them behind an everyday dinner of favourite drink.

Put on a new dress just to descend in shop, but at the same time to feel irresistible and to try to catch delighted looks. It is not obligatory to postpone this pleasure for later at all. Then you will catch them still a pack!

Use spirits when you want it, but you do not cause them only on holidays.

Often we do not pay attention to small pleasures, for hours and minutes of our happiness which consists not only of global things. You should not lose even second of pleasure. Life is fine, and you deserve to take everything to the maximum.

Do not miss and do not postpone anything that can be made right now, do not keep anything for later from what could bring in your life joy and a smile already today.

Remember that every day and every minute - something special. Live here and now!