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Flat-footedness and clubfoot at the child: what games can help?

The Bear clumsy

On the yard goes.

Wants to run quickly,

But a leg does not give

If in this sad quatrain you recognized the kid, so most likely, it has some orthopedic problems.

Often the clubfoot and flat-footedness are present at absolutely healthy child. In gait of the kid and in a vyvorota of its foot aberrations are visible. Sometimes the clubfoot is hardly noticeable, and sometimes - is evident. Anyway at the wrong statement by a foot visit to the orthopedist is obligatory. If the doctor does not object to the active movement of the kid, so you can be helped by dances, circulation barefoot on pebbles and a rigid fleecy surface, and also the games directed to strengthening of muscles of legs.

I will give several examples of games which, perhaps, will help the child to correct defects a foot.


This game develops coordination of movements and does the child`s legs by stronger. You need a white sheet and a rug with rigid pile.

Slip on a sheet - you will be a ghost. Let the kid will remove footwear. Ask the child to dog you steps on a rug so that it it was not heard. You, representing a ghost, you move on the room, and he repeats all your actions. When you turn back, the baby has to hide. If the kid does not manage to make it, then let a certain number of times will jump on one leg, so he will escape from the ghost.

You do not hold this game in the evening.

Pull - Push

Prepare for

a small rubber ball and the fairy tale Doctor Aybolit K. Chukovsky.

Read to the child the fairy tale, having focused attention on an unusual being whom call Pull - Push.

Sit down on a floor, seat opposite to yourself the kid. Extend legs forward and ask it to do the same. Something will turn out it seems Pull - Pushing. Then begin to roll a ball among themselves and the child, using only legs. This game - not less than 10 minutes are desirable to do exercise. That it did not become boring for the child, play at the same time also in cities .

At regular carrying out this game statement of foot will surely improve.

Wrong fishing

Prepare a children`s stool, several flat toy small fishes and a box. Put a stool on a carpet. Around it scatter small fishes. Put the child on a stool. Now let he a foot brings together by fingers small fishes and puts in a box. If you have no small fishes, dominoes will suit any flat objects, for example.

Try to hold every day this game, it improves mobility of toes and levels statement of foot.


This game suits children 5 years are more senior. It remarkably develops legs in general and feet in particular. Relay can be carried out entirely, and the child can give one of the following tasks from time to time.

Lay on a floor a rug with rigid pile. Designate the finish two bright size.

1 stage. Let the child will jump on one leg there and back, holding the raised leg behind with a hand. Then on other leg.

2nd stage. Let the kid will run a distance on cards.

3rd stage. the Child runs to the finish, pushing legs a ball before himself. On the way back will carry a ball in hands.

4th stage. the Kid runs all distance back to front.

5th stage. Makes jumps sideways: there on one leg, and back - on another.

You can add the variations of relay stages. The main thing that legs of the kid worked!

I hope that these games will help the children having flat-footedness or a clubfoot to correct this defect and will bring joy and many pleasant emotions from communication with parents.