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How red jacks made a fool kings and aces?

were noted on February 7, 1877 in Moscow by unknown nervousness. Next day the first meeting of the Moscow district court with participation of jurors devoted to business about " was appointed; Club of red jacks . There were so many persons interested to soprisutstvovat at a meeting that there was a severe elimination. Reserved there were only places of witnesses and victims whose number was measured not by one hundred. And none other than the general - the governor of Moscow prince Dolgorukov were one of the main victims. The matter is that the state governor`s house in the Tverskaya jacks managed to put off to one English lord for the fabulous sum

Entertainment for gilded youth

But we still will return to it for now it is necessary to stop on how arose " Club; and why it so was called? So, made a basis of this criminal organization gilded Moscow youth rather educated, widely-read and not being in any financial difficulties. Balls, parties and other secular entertainments became boring to nausea . Circulation in the people and everything that was connected with populism, nine to founders Club was not on an interior. And there was a strong wish for thrills. Here also solved jacks to be engaged in a shchekotaniye of personal and others` nerves, developing grandiose swindles, as in the economic sphere, and banal robberies.

The first group included Pawee Speyer, the son of the general of artillery serving in the Moscow City Credit Society; mister Davydovsky, son of the privy councilor; Massari, the son of the rich Nizhny Novgorod landowner who inherited a huge fortune; and also misters Bryukhatov belonging to the high society, Archpriests and Kaustov. There was some more gurpp on interests...

There are two versions according to which the name of Club was thought up. In - the first, French trace - in 1859 in Paris there was a first book about adventures of the robber and adventurer Rakombol written by Pierre Alexis Ponson du Terrayl. During Alexandre Dumas`s era - the father was difficult to be allocated with something in the French literature (Honore de Balzac and Victor Hugo are not counted). But Pierre Alexis managed to make it, having used Alexandre Dumas`s reception - the father, publishing novels in daily newspaper releases, with continuation. Rakombol for the missing French public something was similar to Fantomas: imperceptible, impudent, ingenious criminal.

The third book of adventures of Rakombol was called quite so - Club of red jacks also left shortly before Russian jacks began to play pranks . It is very possible that in such a way they decided to let know - each their crime will be carefully planned, and it will be simply impossible to catch them.

The Russian version appeared during months-long investigation of this adventurous business too. Once the well-known satirist Saltykov-Shchedrin gave such definition to one of thieves` types: The Red jack though the thief, but it does not prevent it to be the charming young man " at all;. Like, jacks therefore were called so that were charming and in something noble people. So to speak, in the understanding

I first, and the second versions have the right for existence. In any case, after February, 1877 Club of red jacks became a common noun

As air was transported by rail?


Once through the Nizhny Novgorod office of the Russian society of insurance and transportation klady mister Protopopov, sent to Smolensk two boxes. Commercial payment of 950 rubles was imposed on the goods which were called as linen.

But in Smolensk to receive a box so nobody was. Railroad workers, having waited the put term, were forced to open boxes. In both were put, in the manner of a nested doll, on five - six empty boxes. Long puzzled over that it meant. But, eventually, decided that it is someone`s mean joke.

However after a while draw repeated. This time " air; in empty boxes sent to St. Petersburg. However, the price of goods stood slightly below - 830 rubles. And then to the capital there went two more similar baggages, worth 2300 rubles. It became clear that it is not a joke, and some fraud. On empty boxes someone obviously made decent money. From air! But what way?!

The essence of swindle became clear not at once. The matter is that the Nizhny Novgorod office gave out to senders of the receipt and commercial receipts on a stamped paper. These receipts willingly were accepted as a deposit. That is the person could gather for this sum of goods, leaving at the fooled borrower nothing the supported piece of paper.

What jokes when similar swindles began to extend across all Russian Empire. And quirky misters heated hands As to the lord sold to

the house the general - the governor?

Somehow time at one of numerous balls to Moscow the general - to the governor prince Vladimir Andreevich Dolgorukov brought the charming young man who was presented by the collegiate registrar Pawee Karlovic Speyer. Despite so low social standing, the young man kept with big advantage, possessed perfect manners. It it is transparent hinted that was born in those places where once Vladimir Andreevich served in a regiment. That its excellency in those places is perfectly remembered, and the brochure written to them Provision on transformation of army infantry and cavalry for a long time took away on quotes.

Those fortresses which are not given before guns easily take from the help of flattery! Soon precautionary Speyer became in the house the general - the governor, speaking to the name of a song from Alla Pugacheva`s repertoire - Favourite Pashka (Igor Nikolaev`s words). To it allowed to come in an occasion and without it at any time. And even in absence the general - the governor.

Somehow Pavel Karlovic asked for permission to show a mansion to the English lord who is in Moscow in transit from the prince. Dolgorukov who was not expecting any dirty trick agreed, and the next day when Dolgorukov was absent, near the house the carriage which left Speyer with the guest stopped. Accompanied by the duty official they carefully examined all rooms, economic constructions, but also, stables and the yard. As the official did not speak in English, Speyer had to act as the translator.

And in several days at an entrance of a governor`s mansion stopped a supply with chests and suitcases, after it on the carriage the lord with the secretary came tearing along and ordered to men to bring things directly in an office of the prince which also was in it.

Scandal turned out incredible. The Englishman terribly swore, swung the bill of sale for the house, and only in a site where the lord was brought, it turned out that sold real estate to it favourite Pashka . For 100 thousand rubles with all furniture, property and servants

the Truth to Vladimir Andreevich was succeeded to defend the state house. Returned to the Englishman 100 thousand rubles, plus compensation of moral harm, Speyer also the trace caught a cold. It became clear also that on 2 - y Yamskaya Street the false office of the notary where there was a sale of the house was arranged for one day to

As Vsevolod Dolgorukov became a konezavodchik?

One of the first violins in Club was played by Vsevolod Dolgorukov. Most likely, it was its artificial surname, but he owned it so masterly that all only wondered. In many Moscow establishments, it modestly the general - the governor was represented by the nephew. Respectively, there were enough both officials, and owners of the enterprises which, trembling before so high communications, willingly lent the nephew of the prince to both money, and bills.

One fine day Dolgorukov opened office on employment of kontorshchik and other petty officials. In one of newspapers the announcement that the people ready to post monetary bail from 700 to 1000 rubles in exchange for providing good work with decent earnings at horse-breeding center are required was printed.

Officials were flown, like bees to honey. However, the whole army employed had no special work, but Dolgorukov assured that it here - here will appear. Worse than that, in the first month to people detained a salary. Then began to feed with breakfasts and during payment of the second. At last, declared that three months later will pay out a wages at one stroke (that is threefold ) . But some days before salary payment Dolgorukov and his senior partner Ogon - Doganovsky mysteriously disappeared What payment expected

jacks ?

In court was established that to members Club of red jacks it was succeeded to heat in 9 years of existence of trustful people for the sum about 280 thousand rubles. On a dock there were 48 people at once (a case unknown!) among them there are 28 noblemen. But only for nine of them the accuser managed to achieve a Siberian exile, the others received various prison terms: from 2 months to 3,5 years.

Speyer was not caught though once the accuser Muravyev faced in the Moscow district court the coming downstairs Pavel Karlovic. At the official the jaw drooped from such impudence. Until he recovered, Speyer jumped out on the street. Speak, he lived in Paris

Misters Protopopov in clover, Fire - Doganovsky and seven more their companions went to Siberia where right there managed to ingratiate to the high-ranking officials, and further did not refuse to himself anything.

Analogy to actions jacks it is clearly looked through in the remarkable children`s book of Nikolay Nosov Dunno on the Moon . Very much Mig and Zhulio remind Dolgorukov and Fire - Dovganovsky