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How to help the child living alms?

Welcome, already for anybody not a secret that the people begging come to public places as for work. Only work they not on. The most profitable zones: the subway, transitions, stations, electric trains, churches - are divided and bring in incomes to businessmen which main contingent is made by Moldavians and Roma. The hired workers they contain in awful conditions, use all who cause pity: beggars, cripples, animal and the most terrible - children.

How many times we saw how mummies go on cars or sit in transitions, speculating on feeling of compassion? At whom heart at the sight of the lifeless kid who is wrapped up in rags will not tremble? Naturally, people give money that though something to help unfortunate. And whether they whose is the child reflect and whether there is to him such help for the good?

Criminal cases confirm that most of children is stolen, bought or leased at own parents - alcoholics. The money raised by alms goes to a pocket to businessmen but not on food and treatment of children which really need medical care. That kids were very quiet and did not prevent to work, since morning pump up them sleeping pill or even alcohol. As a rule, they are strongly exhausted. There were cases when beggars were detained with already died child because rules do not allow them to leave the workplace even despite death. Over children is more senior scoff, forcing to beg, sometimes specially cripple because disabled people are given more.

In our legislation there is no ban on begging, but there are 151 articles of the Criminal code of the Russian Federation providing responsibility for involvement of minors in occupation by vagrancy or begging. However, following this article, it is difficult to attract persons who use absolutely small children. In it it is told about involvement which means that the child is in the age of reason, i.e. it was inclined to begging, for example, threats or the example. Besides for initiation of legal proceedings it is required that involvement was systematic. Respectively, in the beginning the beggar with the child needs to be detained at least 3 times. Swindlers and careless parents use this opening.

However in such situations it is possible to call for responsibility under article 156 of the Criminal code of the Russian Federation for non-execution of obligations for education of the minor if it is in critical condition. In a case when the child begs one, are obliged to detain him on the basis of the Federal law No. 120 About bases of system of prevention of neglect and offenses of minors . So it is possible to struggle with this terrible lawlessness.

Already appeals not to give to beggars of money are from everywhere heard. You encourage with the alms slavery and human trafficking, provide comfortable existence of nedochelovek for which there is nothing sacred, and children continue to starve and die. If you really want to help, do not pass by, cause militia even if you do not trust in our laws. Perhaps, swindlers will not be punished, but you can save life to the little man. And it is worth a lot.

If you saw the beggar with the child sitting in transition of the subway address to the militia room. Do not try to resolve an issue independently, the woman can disappear. If was not to militia near, address the security guard. He is obliged to bring the beggar to department. In case of inaction of the security guard or the employee patrulno - sentry duty on a platform or the militiaman in the room of militia let know that you are in a forceful mood. Find out a rank and a surname of the unfair employee, report that you will call in department of affairs of the minor Departments of Internal Affairs on the subway (625 - 37 - 31, 621 - 93 - 50 till 19:00) or in department of own safety of the Department of Internal Affairs on the subway (351 - 34 - 92, 351 - 34 - 93).

In the room of militia have to write down your data as witness, to check documents of the beggar and surely the child, to take a written explanation from the detainee and from you. In it by all means write that saw how the woman begged or she was given that she could not get out. If the child is unhealthy, to him have to call an ambulance. For further trials contact the inspector on affairs of minor (PDN) from territorial department of the Department of Internal Affairs on the subway.

If the police officer refers to impossibility to call the inspector of PDN in connection with late time, do not trust. One inspector surely is on watch till 12 in the night, and in case of absence it is replaced by the person on duty on analysis. The inspector of PDN has to take away the woman in department, and the child if on it there are no documents, to send to hospital. There it is until mother does not bring documents. And if it not real, then more also does not return. For the kid it is chance to escape from paws of criminals and to begin new life.

Here still several useful phones which can be useful:

622 - 71 - 94, 621 - 01 - 31 - a control room of Management of militia on Moscow Metro.

In addition each line has round-the-clock phones control rooms:

622 - 17 - 63 - Sokolnicheskaya

158 - 78 - 84 - Zamoskvoretskaya

622 - 11 - 43 - Filevskaya

622 - 26 - 48 - the Ring and Kalinin

622 - 78 - 10 - Taganskaya

622 - 75 - 78 - Arbatsko - Pokrovsk

684 - 99 - 49 - Kaluzhsko - Riga

622 - 11 - 83 - Serpukhovsko - Timiryazevskaya

351 - 80 - 91 - Maryinsko - Chkalovskaya

At metro stations is is red - blue columns. It is possible to cause militia, having pressed the red button. If the beggar with the child goes on cars, use a public address system with the driver and ask to cause militia to the following station. In the same situation at the station or in an electric train can call by phone of the Moscow Department of Internal Affairs on railway transport - 264 - 68 - 34 (control room) or in office of PDN :

266 - 83 - 14 - The Yaroslavl station

262 - 89 - 34 - the Leningrad station

266 - 24 - 64 - the Kazan station

266 - 50 - 42 - the Kursk station

950 - 36 - 12 - the Paveletsky station

973 - 89 - 68 - the Belarusian station

240 - 72 - 16 - the Kiev station

258 - 18 - 83 - the Savelovsky station

266 - 82 - 66 - the Riga station

Anyway always can dial free number 02 or 112 . If you address to militia by phone, wait for arrival of employees, they surely need the witness. Besides you will be able to be convinced that you reacted to your call.

The same actions need to be taken also in that case when the child begs one. He will be detained before clarification of all circumstances, will look for parents, and if necessary sent to orphanage.

Perhaps, having read article, you decide that everything is very difficult and unreal. Actually now the situation changes for the better. Thanks to work of militia and the help of not indifferent citizens in Moscow Metro already beggars practically do not meet children. The main thing - to realize that together we can a lot of things and not remain indifferent.