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Whether the mirror in a nursery is necessary? Furniture and accessories parents select

For a nursery with special mood. And when the turn reaches a mirror, there is at many a question: is it necessary in the nursery? In each part of the apartment it plays a clear role: decorative, spatial, functional. And in the nursery?

Whether helps to develop a mirror at the child idea of itself? Of course, helps. We, adults, quietly look at ourselves in a mirror, however, we can be surprised sometimes to the reflection, but for the reasons which are not connected with self-identification.

Remember when your child began to see himself in a mirror? At the age of 3 - 5 months it it is concentrated itself examines. Begins to smile to himself later, to reach hands for the reflection and to loudly express the emotions. Then - to compare the movements to reflection, to transfer a look from real mother on mirror and to listen attentively that she tells. By the end of the first year at the child games with a mirror begin, and by the end of the second year he finally recognizes himself in a mirror. No matter who, boy or girl.

When the child joyfully meets himself in a mirror, reflection is pleasant to it, it is possible to claim that he`s fine that it is loved by the to parents. If the child is indifferent to the reflection, then it is an occasion to reflect for parents whether enough attention they give to the kid.

At preschool age of the relation with a mirror develop at girls stronger. She can look, examine long herself, watch the mimicry and even to talk to a mirror. It is very good when in the room the mirror together with a shelf hangs. On a shelf it is possible to put a hairbrush, a set of children`s cosmetics, to put a favourite toy. And the child will begin to look after not only himself, but also behind a toy. To receive such important lessons of good taste and accuracy.

Mirror big assistant in this case. After washing and a combing pay attention of the child, to his appearance with words of admiration: What you at me slavnenkiya . And standing at a mirror, the little person sees concrete result of action. But not constant notations - wash, brush the hair, wash up hands. You carry out similar " more often; mirror lessons.

The mirror is necessary also for the teenager. At this age he anew meets itself(himself), sees the changes happening to it and learns to find the new image. It is important to help the child to see in a mirror not only the shortcomings (spots, angularity, etc.) but also to help to make out its true I . To cope with suspiciousness and uncertainty in itself.

As it is correct to hang up a mirror

The bed of the child should not be reflected in a mirror.

Do not hang up a mirror on a door in a nursery.

The mirror has to be whole and pure.

The mirror in process of growth of the child has to change and move. In the room of the small child the mirror has to hang highly that he could see himself, being on hands at mother. The preschool child has to see himself to the utmost therefore the mirror is hung up below and with an inclination. The toys which are on a floor also will be reflected in such mirror. To the teenager in his room will be a small mirror enough.

Depending on age of the owner of the room the frame for a mirror can be from color plastic, from a tree with a carving and a list, can be a simple frame in tone of furniture. Anyway, it has to be rather strong.