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Self-confidence and cash flow. Whether there is a direct dependence?

Long time working in trade and a public catering, paid attention that my sellers and waiters absolutely unmistakably recognize the rich and wealthy people. Even if those come in the most democratic clothes. To read people as books is an art. But ourselves send signals of own confidence or doubts and failures. Why these signals not to read out?

Right now come off reading article and attentively look around. The self-assured person both looks directly, and speaks accurately, clearly, and gait at him assured, not tripping. The above the person rises, the becomes richer, the shoulders finish more widely, the voice becomes louder, the chin rises above.

However it till a certain moment. When money becomes much or they are acquired by unfair means, their quantity causes alarm. The person becomes uneasy, him the thought of need of preservation and enhancement of all these infinite riches constantly itches. There are new difficulties and doubts. Ask any rich bachelor - whether he believes that women meet him only from - for the fact that he is a beautiful person. Each of us knows the answer.

Money - a success criterion. The above the person rises, the more effective work, the payment of this work is higher than him. Such people also become self-assured. And now we will look on the other hand - the person is more self-assured, the he and more successfully, the more accurately sets the purposes and tasks, the quicker tries to obtain everything and as the result - receives an award in the form of a certain cash flow.

Therefore it is so important to become the confident person - in the forces, in the business, in the company, in the vital purpose. Important - that is important and how it to make? What to begin with?

They say that each of us lives in that world which he is worthy which to itself(himself) created. And that environment which around us, is our mirror, a mirror of our life. But if something is not pleasant to me, I can change it something. At first to deliver to itself diagnosis and then to treat the illness .

That our world became better tomorrow - already today it is necessary to begin it to change and to change together with it. Daily good causes - you look, and life became more beautiful, the world is purer, and we are surer and richer. Spiritually and financially.

Get the diary of victories - where you will write down the smallest and insignificant day feats. Helped the neighbor, fed a hungry cat, helped out the girlfriend, explained to children something important, called parents, the list can be continued infinitely. Such diary will cultivate in your heart sprouts of confidence and own importance. However, word feat everyone will understand in own way - for someone a feat to swear at weak, to pour out dirt on the heads of neighbors or to get nasty with the chief. And at us at everyone the and awards life distributes the world different for these feats.

Begin with affirmation. Excellent means at the first stage of a long way of self-confidence. Our words directly program behavior. Attentively listen to the speech of confident successful people. Each word is capacious and concrete, there are no filler words, there is no mushmouth. Track the speech. Instead of not bad or so-so you speak " with confidence; well, perfectly . Feel force and energy of words. They not just like that fly from our language - it is reflection of our doubts or strong belief.

Word if - the word - doubt in itself. If I am able - I will do it Already doubt. Now so: When I am able, I will make it surely! It when - already hope, hope for fast happy end. And about I Want and It is necessary - separate conversation!

Learn to refuse without bitterness, without explanations. If you to make something not in forces - firmly tell Is not present . The Yes you give to the person hope, but you cannot make it and do not do. You agree not to test internal tension, but not in your forces or competence to make promised. What outcome? You are not sure of yourself again. It is simple to polite refusal to learn. It will also be the very first step on the way to self-confidence.

Stop being the victim. Here it is more difficult. For a start it is necessary to realize that manipulate you that you a toy in others hands that you are just not respected for your weakness and uncertainty, and for a long time everything understood that it is possible to walk all over you. Only after this understanding and firm - I will stop being the victim! - you will begin serious changes. The way is long, painful, but once it is necessary to take the first step.

You as at the free person always have a choice - you can leave everything as is. At the same time that you are poor you blame nobody, except yourself.