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In what feature of USE of 2009?

the Unified state examination was included into our life in 2001, but then it still was exotic experiment and was carried out only in some subjects of Russia.

In 2007 legislators entered USE in all territory of the country, having adopted the special law, but two more years it was not obligatory and in a number of schools continued to carry out traditional examinations. Now all experiments ended and examination became obligatory for all graduates, and by its results it will be possible to go to the universities within two years.

For the vast majority of higher education institutions the result of USE is final and additional examinations for receipt are not required. But a number of higher education institutions, the most prestigious, creative and physical culture, got permission to carry out and additional examinations. It is natural that this list opens for Lomonosov Moscow State University and the vast majority of higher education institutions in it Moscow, all them 24.

Now examinations will be carried out in 13 objects. But obligatory of them only two, Russian and mathematics which positive delivery it is enough for obtaining the certificate about secondary education. But with such certificate the graduate will be able to come for further study only to educational institutions of primary and secondary professional education. For entering a higher education institution it is necessary to hand over additional objects during USE which choice it is worth approaching with all scrupulousness.

Since February 1 all Russian higher education institutions are obliged to declare officially the list of additional objects, result of USE according to which it will be set off at receipt. If the graduate accurately aims at concrete higher education institution, then it is possible and to be limited to these objects. But the option is possible that points will be gathered less, than it is necessary for receipt. Therefore it is better to make secure and choose 1 - 2 more subject which are necessary for relatives on a profile of higher education institutions.

In principle, the graduate can hand over and all 13 objects. But I doubt that someone will venture similar experiment though, having handed over them all with good results, it can become the Russian celebrity.

Till March 1 graduates are obliged to decide on the list of additional examinations and to submit the corresponding application for participation in USE. The step is very responsible as it will be impossible to change the list already.

The first USE will take place in Russia from April 20 to April 29, but will be able to try the hand in them only having the right for early delivery. The main examinations will take place from May 26 to June 19. And until the end of June of school will have to grant to graduates certificates and certificates on Unified State Examination.

By the way, at unsatisfactory result on one of obligatory examinations, it can be repeated same year and to receive the certificate. If both obligatory examinations are failed, then the repeating an examination will be possible the next year. In this case the graduate receives not the certificate, but the reference that he took a course of high school. The quantity of a repeating an examination of USE is not limited though every year, yet will not bother.

It is natural that USE will be carried out by uniform rules which are already known and should not change this year. In principle, USE is usual, though difficult, testing. Both points, and an assessment which will go to the certificate will be its results. For each subject it is possible to get 100 points, and here estimates in all objects will differ considerably by the number of points, necessary for them. So, for the three on mathematics it is enough to gather 25, and on Russian 40 will already be required. For receiving the five the highest requirements in a foreign language - 84 points, and for mathematics will be enough also 65.

It is supposed that in ten days after examination their results will appear on the Internet. In order that to look at them, will be to enter a series and number of the passport of the specific graduate enough. What is promised to be shown, frankly speaking, is surprising with scale and complexity of work. It will be possible to recognize the maximum number of primary points by each subject for it (for each subject the) and the number of primary points earned by the graduate and also the number of pupils as a percentage, the got same or highest point. Further - the general (test) point for the examination counted from primary points, but already on 100 - a ball scale and an assessment on five-point system. It is planned to lay out also the analysis of each work performed by the graduate. It is curious whether will be able to realize all this?

At each examination the graduate will receive the task divided into three blocks - And In With . In the " block; And it is necessary to choose the correct answers from four offered. In more difficult, here it is required to give the answer consisting of words, letters or numbers on questions. " blocks; And and In will be checked by the computer. The appeal on them is possible if the computer incorrectly recognized answers, in this case changes can be made by the decision of mediation board. All this is possible after check of work and receiving its listing by the graduate.

" block; With the most difficult, in is mute there are one or several tasks assuming the developed answer: the solution of tasks, answers to questions, short compositions on the set subjects, etc. Experts of regional examination committee will check it. In case of the appeal revision of result after new check of work by mediation board is possible.

At the general approaches of a task in each subject have the features, but for their explanations it is better to address specific teachers - subject teachers. Similar information can be obtained also on the special websites on the Internet where besides also approximate test tasks in objects can be presented. In advance to work out similar tasks extremely expediently, even from purely technical point of view - as it is correct to make out answers from what questions to begin to answer on what what is the time to spend etc. It is the best of all to use for this purpose the website of Federal institute of pedagogical measurements which made test tasks for examinations.

If on the Internet some days before examinations appear original test " tasks; treat them with humour, and especially you should not pay for them money. The probability of leakage of original test tasks is extremely small.

Before examinations children will be zainstruktirovana, as they say, to tears therefore to paint that on examination can be taken and what is impossible, I will not be, in principle and will bring it to them so repeatedly.

For successful Unified State Examination first of all knowledge is necessary, but psychological readiness and elementary luck are important. Let the fate will be on the party handing over.