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How to create cottage cheese mood at members of household?

About the one who the first thought up to do cottage cheese and to eat it, to us, modern consumers of this most tasty and most useful product, it is necessary only to guess. But the one who opened this snow-white delicacy undoubtedly, it is possible to call the person with excellent taste. At our ancestors cottage cheese was always held in high esteem. Each hostess knew the simple recipe of its preparation. Still, milk in the village always was the, to turn it into curdled milk it was possible to receive, respectively, from disposed raw materials cottage cheese was business available and favorable.

And how many remarkable recipes of the most various cottage cheese delicacy were in a culinary moneybox of our grandmothers... And all of them tasty, easy in preparation, useful and unique, impregnated with maternal love, care and heat of a home.

Cottage cheese in Russia was loved - it is the fact. And not only for taste, but also advantage. All know that cottage cheese contains the mass of valuable substances which strengthen bones and teeth, normalize nervous system, improve a metabolism, help at diseases of kidneys, hearts etc. And especially the full-fledged diet of the pregnant women feeding mothers and, certainly, children does not do without this lactic product.

The best way to derive from cottage cheese at most of benefit for an organism - to eat it, avoiding thermal treatment. The monotony bothered and there was a wish for something cottage cheese, but more unusual? There are no questions! Quickly several elementary recipes of cottage cheese delicacies will help to solve the arisen problem. Let they a little kaloriyny, sytny and will demand from the hostess some amount of time for preparation, but will surpass all expectations in the taste and aroma, and the gentle cottage cheese mood yours families will be simply guaranteed to members!

Tvorozhniki with carrots. How to prepare usual cheesecakes, it is well known to all. This option - for those to whom the traditional recipe managed to bore. Cottage cheese is come to the rescue by useful, beautiful and tasty carrot.

It will be required: 300 g of cottage cheese, 500 g of carrots, 2 tablespoons of sugar, half-glass of flour, 1 egg, 3 tablespoons of plums. oils, half-glass of water.

We prepare:

1. We slice the peeled carrots, we put in a pan, we fill in with water. We add butter, we close a cover and we extinguish to softness.

2. We wipe carrots through a sieve. We mix with the softened cottage cheese, we add flour, egg, sugar and salt. We mix everything.

3. Dough skatyvay in a thick sausage, we cut across on flat cakes. We roll each flat cake in flour and we fry on butter from two parties.

Cottage cheese balls. Difference of this option of cheesecakes that they are baked in an oven. Undoubted plus - was put in an oven, in 20 - 30 minutes the kitchen dazzles with the most tasty aroma of gentle pastries, and during this time it is possible already and to wash the dishes and to lay a table for family tea drinking. Besides, products from an oven turn out easier as it is not necessary to fry in addition them on oil from two parties.

It will be required: 500 g of cottage cheese, 6 tablespoons of flour, 3 eggs, 1 glass of sugar, 1/3 pack of margarine or butter, soda on a tip of a knife, 150 g of raisin, vanillin to taste.

We prepare:

1. We knead stiff dough from all listed ingredients.

2. We form balls of the test, we spread them in the form oiled, and we bake in a hot oven of 20 - 30 minutes.

3. From above it is possible to strew with icing sugar.

Tvorozhno - semolina baked pudding. This recipe is slightly more difficult previous, but the result is worth it. More usefully and the cheapest way than any store cake, besides to the taste and appearance in anything does not lose.

It will be required: 3 eggs, 2 tablespoons of sugar, 1 teaspoon of a lemon dried peel, 250 ml of sour cream, 250 g of cottage cheese, 3 tablespoons of a semolina, 2 apples, 2 tablespoons of lemon juice.

We prepare:

1. We separate the whites from the yolks. We pound yolks with sugar and a lemon dried peel. We shake up the mixer about 5 minutes that very magnificent weight was formed. In the portions we add sour cream and cottage cheese, continuing to shake up at the same time. And then a stream we add a semolina. We cool proteins, we shake up in dense foam and we enter into curds.

2. Apples, having removed seeds, we cut segments and we sprinkle lemon juice. We spread in the form oiled vegetable, 2/3 curds, having laid on it apples, from above - the rest.

3. We bake about 50 - 60 minutes at a temperature of 180 degrees. Before giving on a table it is possible to strew with icing sugar.

As you noticed, all these recipes are available practically to any, even to the beginning hostess, and also to those who just have no excess time to stand at a plate. It is possible to prepare a similar tasty and useful delicacy for the family quickly and simply. As a result members of household will be satisfied and are full, you will be able to feel pleasure, watching how the family eats greedily your culinary creations. And the cottage cheese mood created behind a cup of fragrant tea will fill your house with the atmosphere of love, rest and family heat.