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Legal cunning or marriage reality?

They say that when two love each other, they have nothing all these legal cunnings and subtleties - they and so will agree about everything. Say what supposedly scores between the. Tell

But recently only and you hear from acquaintances - those divorced, others and all cannot divide property in any way. Everyone considers that it is right also everything that is belongs only to it. Here and therefore very often married couples should begin divorce with judicial proceedings. And how to be? To trust the satellite on life or all - not to be too lazy to go to the notary and to make the marriage contract which very much, is fashionable now in the West. As speak in notary office of the city of Tiraspol, only 15% of inhabitants make marriage contracts, and that, as a rule, when marriage consists with the foreign citizen. Other people - an old school and in marriage contracts as they speak: We do not need . But most often the population is just poorly informed on essence of the marriage contract and think that the passion chosen by them needs this contract only because wants to deceive and to profit . So, what is it - the marriage contract?

The marriage contract can be made as before marriage, and at any time after a marriage - though in a month though in ten years. In the first case the contract comes into force from the moment of marriage registration, in the second - from the moment of the conclusion it at the notary. If the marriage contract is made much later weddings, in it it is necessary to stipulate destiny of the property acquired in marriage before registration of the marriage contract. The marriage contract is signed only by agreement future or married spouses. But whether it is worth going for the conflict or to refuse it?

Having asked this question to some acquaintances, they told so: To us it is not necessary this marriage contract as we love each other and all life we will be together, it there is nothing to divide . But you should not forget that in life everyone happens eventually, it can turn out so that any in a married couple can become the initiator of divorce. If you have such contract, this procedure will take place much more simply. However, thousands of people who around the world sign marriage contracts at all to me think of divorce. Simply for them quite naturally in advance to discuss the rights, they need feeling of security which gives such contract.

The essence of the marriage contract consists that it will define destiny of your property on the future. That is will establish the joint, share or divided property according to mutual contents in marriage and at divorce (alimony), a possibility of the order by the income of each other. It is possible even to define who incurs these or those expenses - who buys products and who pays for the apartment. Even it is possible to provide in the contract property responsibility for obscene behavior of one of spouses (squandering, incorrectness) - in this case at divorce a property share guilty the spouse can be considerably reduced. And at joint life of spouses changes and additions can be made to the contract, it is possible to clean or add separate points. All changes and additions as well as the contract, have to be issued at the notary and are respectively certified of

to Make or not to make the marriage contract - it your business, dear spouses is unconditional. Yes, today you poush fallen in love by each other and you do not need the marriage contract and even do not want to hear about it! But who knows that he will be tomorrow???