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How to struggle with one-way love?

Probably, at each girl happened it at least once in life. If is not present, then still will be. This unforgettable feeling Feelings, love, love? You soar in clouds, fly on happiness wings. Only from thought of it you clamp heart, and in a stomach butterflies flit.

When you see it, at you legs grow dumb, hands sweat and the person grows stout in a smile Only at thought of it your heart begins to fight with such speed which it gathers, probably, only a cheetah) You are drunk

, but not effect of alcohol is LYUBOV You cease to breathe, feel, understand feeling which covers you with a wave You live somewhere not here. You have other world. The fairy tale, the fairy tale which was thought up by you And maybe did not think up? It covers you with a wave. It as tsunami Will cover - and all. No exit. There are no doors with the inscription " any more; Exit .

You feel easy and weightless as the plumelet which flew up and is ready to adventures. But in you twists all, squeezes You understand me?

You are ready to shout with happiness, IT at you is constant in thoughts CONSTANTLY All corners of notebooks, notebooks are used up by his name. You even itself cannot control it. Your hand draws treasured letters on a leaflet again.

Strange feeling it love But what is it?? What forces us to forget about everything on light and to live only it? Whether really she closes to us eyes, ties hands? We become deaf and mute?

Strange it turns out. Read article recently that the love from the scientific point of view is short-term increase of level of dopamine, noradrenaline, Prolactinum, a lyuliberin and oxytocin. The tiny molecule phenyl - ethylamine causes certain feelings: high spirits, excitement, euphoria .

So, it turns out, from - for some hormones we become similar to the zombie? Unless the love is and there is just chemical process happening in our organism? And we to ourselves invent fairy tales? It is unlikely, let scientists will be and this time are right in the point of view. But I do not agree with it.

Can do it somehow and influences physiology of our organism. But I will never believe that only from - for hormones I will be ready for the sake of this person for everything. That he will live in me, to occupy all my thoughts, time and heart You will not describe love words, even music.

They say that in human life only two presents of love. And one of them the strongest, the most sensual and, probably, awful The most sick Quite so it is also called sick love Or unrequited love.

It as a stone in heart, as a splinter in a finger which to you in any way not to pull out how many you tried. Also do not persuade me, I am sure of it that such love lives forever. Eternally, but only in heart of the person It remains there forever. It as a shadow always pursues you.

It for you - everything, you for it - anything At best (though I am not sure, the best it or the worst option) he considers you as a friend no more. You try to pull out this feeling from yourself, but all your attempts are hopeless So?

Tears, pain, grief, letters in anywhere It seems to you that life falls, now you think quite so: It for me the whole world, and then why to me the world where it is absent??

Yes, it is very difficult, I do not argue To love from what you will never receive the same feelings, reciprocity. You do not live, and just exist.

I it can drag on for a long time. And to speak to you now: Calm down, there will pass time and everything will be adjusted. You will breathe again, you will feel the earth under legs again, to stand firmly on it and to look only forward, in bright future

It, at least, is silly I said that when we love, we are mute, deaf and we see nothing Now it for you an ideal. You do not notice ANYTHING its any shortcomings. He took the place on a pedestal. It for you the Ideal and a point.

And every time when you, it seems, already forget it and you begin to feel life again It appears again. Call, SMS, or some important to you put. And again all in a new way You think: Life is adjusted, I all - am necessary to it! Of course, he thought again, understood that we are created for each other But there will pass time and you will burn. Again it is sick.

Correct all - a saying From eyes down with, from heart of wons . Only this way you will be able to rip it out of heart. But to pull out . On this place then there will be a wound. Deep and not healing. Forever. You will not test it any more. It happens time in life. Also it is necessary to manage to sustain, not to do mistakes and not to spoil the further life

I if right now you feel one-way love, listen to my councils, maybe, they will help you and will relieve of that pain which I once felt in life

First of all, it is wrong to say that it is necessary to take the feelings at once and to tear off. As if you tried to make it, all the same uselessly.

So, at us in a stock few weeks is no more

First of all to you needs to be alone. Therefore you take in hire two - three favourite melodramas, stock up with paper scarfs, disconnect all types of communication with you (phone, the Internet, ICQ and t of) you settle on the favourite sofa, you put on a favourite pajamas and, having wrapped up in a warm grandmother`s plaid, you begin viewing of movies.

Well, of course, not to do without chocolate!

you Give vent to the emotions! It is obligatory. You have to, without hesitating of anything and anybody, to have a good cry much. That from tomorrow`s morning you became YOURSELF again: strong woman.

Second stage You write it the letter, but you do it for therefore you will not send it. You spread all the feelings, you leave all pain here, on a sheet of paper!

You do not respond to its SMS, calls, you ignore it completely. That it turned out best of all to be sent on leave, to arrange itself travel, one, without the company. But surely you choose a tour with some excursions that you completely forgot about it, your thoughts would become emotions from all events around!

Having come back, you are ready to new life, recklessnesses, adventures. You are free and happy, strong and open for this world And again it is ready to start up in heart love But only that, the second which we wait for all the life. The most gentle, the most beautiful, the most sincere, the most real Mutual...