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Whether complete control over the personality is possible?

Passed more than 60 years after writing of the novel 1984 . In it George Orwell described the all-powerful totalitarian state which is under leadership and firm control of the Big Brother. After writing of the novel there passed a lot of time and there were many events. 1984 passed, there passed 24 more years, but the forecast did not come true. The great totalitarian modes fell, but the idea of complete control over the personality is still capable to excite minds.

Before estimating the opportunities given by control over the person, we will remember why the totalitarian modes leave a world scene. The vast majority of dictatorships simply does not find support. Really, why to support the dictator if he mounts then to you upon a neck? It is clear, that the dictator needs to call so with himself that people went and supported. But also it is not enough, it is required that the dictated methods were executable and, being used by the corresponding way, allowed to achieve the planned objectives.

But also it it is not enough. Perhaps there will be no such public system which would not pass through crisis time. One systems it is time pass successfully, and others are not present. For example, being prostrate, the fascism lost the supporters as could not explain why the superrace can be won by nedocheloveka. For example, the communistic ideology has no similar shortcomings that allows it to find supporters even in time, adverse for it.

But that totalitarian ideologies, so cannot really sustain it the competition, the competition to liberal idea. It and is clear, as it is possible to explain to people that they surely have to lose at least some degree of freedom and do what to do to them there is no desire? In the conditions of the competition it is possible to attract, perhaps, at least the fact that, having renounced some share of the freedom, the person will be able to receive bigger, will be able to exceed the existing ceiling of opportunities.

The same competition should be sustained also to idea about total control over the personality. This idea has to offer new and great opportunities to be successfully introduced. If nothing of that kind is offered not, then the Big Brother will face a huge number of problems which will counteract its control. That is, rather total control over the personality is possible only at voluntary interest and support of the controlled person. It is necessary only to explain why it is favorable to person to extend the maximum quantity of information on itself.

In modern society the possibility of concealment of information comes true mostly the fact that remaining in the shadow it is simpler to keep the interests. But, at the same time, the mode of privacy generates absence of control. And absence of control is a nutrient medium for aggression, if as a result of bad action punishment does not threaten, then commission of bad act prevents nothing.

It does medicine considerably to the worst, than the illness cured by it. Giving some degree of protection, the mode of privacy encourages its violation with unjustified aggression. But, distributing information on itself, the person can count on big support in case of commission of injustice concerning it. Having paid off with impossibility with impunity to make offenses, the person can receive big protection, than he will be able to organize to himself. It is obvious that the payment is not too high as it is impossible to call impossibility to avoid punishment for offenses the advantage of a social system.

Other objection can become the fact that uncontrolled access to all corporate information reduces competitiveness. But if this is true, then it means that the corporation not fully uses advantages of the concealed information. That is, there can be more capable organizer who will be able to make the best and to offer this the best to society that society and certain people found new opportunities. Therefore, objecting to free distribution of information, the potential for noncompetitiveness is supported and the possibility of existence of the hidden cracks in the base of corporation or society is put. Having struck these cracks it will be possible to crack the basis and to bring down constructed on it.

Obviously, the desire to increase the stability forced some players in the field of information technologies for free to distribute the intellectual property. Such policy allowed them to strengthen a position in the competitive environment, instead of trade in the goods which are badly withheld from counterfeit copying, they earn from the help to the interested users of the goods.

Important and the fact that among the published information there can be information of tactical character, information which will allow unknown to increase the done harm, as required. But strangers are not only to aggressive intentions, are as well those which help to get out of uncomfortable positions. Not for nothing, for prevention of offenses systems of the alarm system and remote control are installed. Competently using these systems it is possible to prevent injustice commission. Why to steal things if they are found? Why to hijack the car if it is returned? What sense to do harm if it is possible to face potential defenders? In general, why to disappear if there is no desire to make offenses? In case of sharp increase of level of threats need to play at hide-and-seek can be very laid on and very dangerous.

Still the policy of absolute publicity encourages distribution of information which will be potentially interesting to other people. It is obvious that if information causes disapproval, then it is possible for it and to pay. But, besides, the disapproval will cause what will not be fair in the opinion of observing. Though if the person is able to find sufficient support, then it will open for him new opportunities among which there will be an opportunity to overcome indignation. The person will be able to find the audience and the whole-hearted support much more successfully than if he had no ample opportunities to declare. Who will refuse this opportunity for achievement of success of good business? And who will be able to justify the reserve if its intentions cause a storm of negodovaniye?

There are no other reasons to justify mystery as if the person does not cause interest, then for it does not matter, information on him how widely extends.

Therefore, it is very favorable to open information on itself for the law-abiding person or the organization. An opportunity as it is possible to declare itself more widely not only calls for self-discipline and opens the new horizons of opportunities, so and freedoms, but also allows to protect itself from injustice better. Therefore total control will be the positive phenomenon and will bring benefit, so its introduction cannot be prevented. Any attempts to avoid control will fail sooner or later or will become the insolvency reason that does them unpromising.