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Star question: who lives in the sea, and is not able to swim?

Actually, such are a lot of. Also there are very inactive animals under the name starfishes. One types only more than one and a half thousand.

Also there lives the star in different places, and prefers different depths. From shoal up to the big depths: it is known that the Soviet forwarding vessel Hero found a star at a depth about 10000 meters! But here starfishes are not able to float. Go legs, it is very slow - about 15 centimeters an hour, and production are enough with them. However, is also such which swallow production entirely, twisting a stomach that then all day to digest the lunch.

The name at a starfish beautiful and the name of parts of a body too is given by human interest and love to this beautiful creation. It has beams - from five to fifty, their tips shine. And some starfishes call crowns of thorns - from - for thorns.

Starfishes in the majority of a raznopola: there is a star It, there is a star It. And on supervision, in cold waters of the polar seas all of them show care of posterity. A female, leaning on a bottom, hangs a canopy over a laying of eggs, following an instinct to protect, save, give heat. And yaytsezhivorodyashchy types carry the small asterisks on a back, protecting from predators. The female creates something like a bell in which she hides to grind. And carries them to a growing.

A starfish - one of the most ancient animals. In a fossil look are looked through for 400 million years ago. The person got acquainted with them early, frescos with the image of stars are known. The only thing that is not loved by these creations and to what did not manage to adapt, it to desalinated water therefore so it is not enough of them in the seas known to us: Black, Baltic. There live starfishes absolutely much - about 40 years.

For the person a starfish - pleasure to an eye. Though they can and cause ruin: half a century there was a mass attack " back; crowns of thorns on the Great Barrier Reef. Reef grew thin on 80 kilometers a year. It was eaten by stars, leaving from corals only a skeleton - simply Mamay passed! Fought against a misfortune the whole world that only was thought out - nothing helped ten years. Wanted to send on stars of sea tritons, and those are able to fight with them, as if getting them on the edge - a grater. But it became clear that the mollusks capable to stop invasion, it is not enough. Already spoke about environmental disaster, numerous options were tried. But - just suddenly once everything stopped by itself. What then occurred - did not understand.

A lip at starfishes not the silly woman, figuratively, of course. Crustaceans, small fish, seaweed, mussels, polyps. Oysters are very much loved therefore are considered as wreckers on underwater farms. Seldom are attacked and their ability to regeneration is known to all - rays anew grow. And at one sort (Linckia) and all body can grow from a ray.

Some stars independently reject a beam in case of danger subsequently to grow it anew and to be as it should be. And to be as it should be is also to be beautiful. Beauty is indescribable therefore and I do not dare to describe...