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What the general at Clark Gable with his screen hero Rhett Butler? The man not for one woman of

It concerned all women. It did not concern only dead persons . Joan Blondell`s

B 30 - x years of the twentieth century in Hollywood unexpectedly appeared the lop-eared man, with a small brush of moustaches over an upper lip and a fascinating smile. He at once became the subjugator of female hearts, the man number one for many Americans. For 30 years he rejoiced a rank sex - a symbol of the screen and the king of Hollywood. Name of this man Clark Gable .

On February 1, 1901 in the town of the State of Ohio Clark was born. His mother died when he was only 7 months old. The father did not depress himself education of the son, he was an oil industry worker and constantly drove about on business trips. The stepmother who was vainly trying to impart to the boy religiousness was engaged in education of the child.

Clark in 14 years went to work, behind his shoulders there were a factory, an oil well. But by 16 years he understood that most of all it is attracted by a scene and theater. His father was categorically against such profession as considered it unworthy the real man. Therefore Gable ran away from the house from one of theatrical companies which conductress was an actress Josephine Dylan . In spite of the fact that it was more senior than Clark for 17 years, they began the love story. The woman in love made everything to open of the beloved the way on a scene. However Gable was ungrateful and next day after the first premiere ran away from the favourite wife.

Not less influential woman Rea Langham became his following wife. It too. Clark gave to already elderly Yard love necessary for it and attention, and in exchange received money and lessons of good manners. All this helped it to continue the participation in theatrical activity, and after statement Last mile Clark was noticed by influential people and opened for him the road to Hollywood.

The first screen images of Gable - gangsters and villains. They did not bring it the wished success. It could prove, only when the new image of the romantic hero was necessary for cinema. Exactly here Clark Gable also proved to be. His captivating look and cynical, hardly noticeable smile from - under the thin line of moustaches appeared as it is impossible by the way. It at once won the hearts of ladies and caught respect of men. Because, despite the appeal, remained the simple guy loving hunting and fishing.

Clark Gable had about 90 roles. But, undoubtedly, the real glory, Rhett Butler`s role in " brought to it; Gone with the Wind . There he played practically himself, the man who was surrounded with female attention and used it, but at heart loved only one. This only became for Clark Carol Lombard . He got acquainted with it after the magnificent triumph.

In spite of the fact that Clark had affairs practically with all actresses with which he had to play, the affair with Vivien Leigh (playing it the loved Scarlett O`Hara) at him did not turn out. During shootings it was keen on other man, and he was burdened by divorce with the second wife therefore they remained just kind friends.

His third wife and the only beloved in life was Carol Lombard. It was absolutely unusual couple. She is the excentric person not alien to release abusive or trite expressions, and it - quiet and balanced. Not without reason say that contrasts are attracted. And it is possible, they would love each other till the old age, but, having gone on affairs from one izkampaniye, Carol so hurried to return to the beloved husband that decided to depart by plane. It also predetermined its destiny: the plane crashed uphill and crashed.

Having learned about death of the beloved, Clark Gable was inconsolable, began to drink, left on the front. It served in aircraft though since the childhood was afraid of height, and the death of his spouse only aggravated fear. Having returned from the front, it began to play at cinema again, but pictures did not bring skilled success any more. It was given roles of gangsters and cowboys again. Its career cycle became isolated, it came to that from what once began.

After Clark recovered from big loss a little, he married again, but this marriage lasted slightly more than a year. Then followed 5 - y marriage. New Mrs. Gable there was Kay Sprekels . She tried to resemble in everything on still well-loved by Clark Carol. With Kay Gable found quiet family happiness.

All life Clark dreamed to hear a heart beat of the baby (any of wives did not present to it the child). But, unfortunately, his dream did not manage to come true. Clark Gable died at the age of 59 years of heart attack, without having lived 4 months up to appearance of the long-awaited firstborn John. The young wife executed the last will of darling: Clark Gable was buried together with the beloved wife Carol Lombard.