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Psychologists are not necessary?

Ya work as the psychologist since 2001, and often I had to defend honor of the profession and to prove to people around as my work is necessary for ordinary people. I felt as Don Quixote fighting a losing battle when adduced arguments in favor of psychology as sciences and specialties. Proved that there are people who cannot solve the problems, they got confused and they need the person from outside who will help them to see a situation differently or will support in crisis and will tell that everything will pass and life will be adjusted. Eventually, when all arguments for at me came to an end, I just reported that if a profession the psychologist exists then it is necessary for somebody. Not only I tried to convince people around, my colleagues tried to destroy myths too, for example:

- we not Saints and too are mistaken,

- we are not obliged to understand all, to be patient and unemotional,

- we are not psychiatrists, not psychotherapists, not psychoanalysts, not psychics, not social workers,

- we do not give advice,

- we do not see people through,

- we know not everything, we have no

- a magic tablet,

- to us go not only patients or the rich,

- we do not possess wide life experience,

- we have problems, as well as at others,

- we do not manipulate clients,

- well, and, at last, we cannot solve all problems.

After reading of the list of the fact that doctors of human souls are not able or do not do, you had a mistrust to psychologists, and I think, you know why. Psychologists are not necessary as to listen and the friend can support. The loved one knows you better, than the professional psychologist also will be able to give advice how to be in a difficult situation. To spend money in empty, it is simple to understand that the problem cannot be solved for one meeting and, eventually, time heals, there is no sense special. To learn how the mentality is arranged it is possible having read on the Internet, well and, at last, there is always an opportunity to find people in a network with the same problems and they will share experience.

I all - if psychologists exist, means it to somebody it is necessary? The psychology is a science about mental reality. How the person feels, perceives, feels, thinks, works. And psychologists are necessary to those people who ceased to understand themselves and what happens to them. When friends make a helpless gesture and relatives recognize that they do not know how to help. I work for such people. For those who are more does not recognize himself . I still try to help the person to remember how his soul looks, and I do it through the word. Greek word psychology it is translated as soul and the word. As it is beautiful, soul which speaks or the word who tells about soul. The main thing is not SILENT! Of course, there will always be sceptics and clients who are not happy with work of the psychologist, but I want to believe that they will not be silent, and will loudly show discontent, it means that their soul is live, and this most important for me as psychologist.