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Than our ancestors ironed? Invention of the " iron

; To the Smith Ivashke Trofimov it is given the 5th three-copecks piece, and he for that money suited in queen`s chamber the iron iron . This first written mention of emergence of the iron in Russia. This entry in the book of expenses of the imperial yard was made on February 10, 1636.

So what we know about the iron? The first written mention does not mean that this invention appeared 373 years ago. People earlier in some way tried to give to clothes more beautiful look.

What only was used as the iron! It is a frying pan in which there were warmed coals. Also smoothed with such construction fabric, driving a hot bottom on matter surface. There was also such way: the thing was wound on a wooden rolling pin and rolled on it a corrugated board (a so-called ironing rubely).

In other countries with an ironing was approximately also. Ancient Greeks applied metal rods and hammers to this purpose. In Europe in the VIII-IX centuries used ironing stones which had the special form in the form of a mushroom. Stacked fabric on them and beat with sticks. In the 14th century there was the first pig-iron unit which was required to be warmed.

The first iron which was mentioned in writing was heating, weighed about 10 kg and was monolithic. The novelty did not get accustomed. And only in the 18th century production of irons became mass. Their began to make at foundries including on demidovsky. It were steam (or they are called still by wind instruments) irons.

Principle of action such: in a special opening on the case filled hot coals then the opening was closed. Other openings which were on each side remained open that promoted the best ventilation (for maintenance of coals in the warmed state). However the wind iron had also minus: coals which poured out from openings for air soiled and burned clothes.

The iron succeeded gas . The tube which was connected to a gas cylinder was inserted into its case. About the help of the pump on an iron cover gas got to a torch. Now the iron did not soil clothes, but became very dangerous.

In the 19th century spirit the iron appeared. Alcohol was filled in in the device, then set fire to it. Thus, the surface heated up. The simple invention, but alcohol was in those days in deficiency therefore the cost of the iron made the huge sum. From - for big costs the iron long did not get accustomed in economy of countrymen who up to the XX century used an ironing rubely.

Thanks to the inventor Earl Richardson, in 1903 there was a facilitated iron with electroheating . E. Richardson convinced several housewives to test his new invention. Experiment was successful. Being guided by opinion of the wife that the first model is excessively heated in the middle and insufficiently at a point, Richardson created more advanced model of the iron, and in 1905 it was in extraordinary demand.

Now the huge set of various models of irons which will constantly be improved is presented at the market. For example, it is possible to find models wireless and with a special sole which will not spoil clothes, and also with a glass sole.