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How to grow up a monetary tree or Signs in the third millennium of

In spite of the fact that, outside the third millennium, we still continue to trust in signs. For example, such: - avoid

to lend money on Tuesday - you will be all life in debt,

- take money the left hand, and give right,

- money love the account, but only not from a moneybox (they will cease to collect) and not late evening,

- money go to money, but also willingly and to the house if the broom costs a whisk up,

- money goes as water: it is impossible to have uncorrected bathroom equipment in the house to avoid water leakages.

In the people was always considered dangerous to select a trifle on the street, especially at intersections - the trifle can be exorcized. Having lifted a coin, you risk to receive the whole bouquet of karmic sores in addition. In general, any found crazy money - a thing quite dangerous. For example, in Japan, nobody ever lifts the lost purse (unless to carry it in a police station). Residents of this country consider that for such unexpected gift, expensive find, the destiny will soon ask very strictly, having taken away from you something more valuable. Our wise ancestors advised intelligently to dispose of the found money, having spent them for good deeds: to distribute to persons in need, to help patients, to support orphans. Then the spent money will return a hundredfold.

And still, money it is necessary to allure. It was known to people long ago. In centuries they saved up a set of ways of attraction to the house of money. each people always had

monetary mascots: Russians have an unchangeable five-copeck coin, Americans have the first earned dollar. Germans kept the bent or drilled coin in a pocket or a purse. Chinese have a monetary amulet - the whole three yuans (small coins) connected through holes by a red silk ribbon.

Both a mascot, and money it is necessary to stroke and protect tenderly from time to time. With the advent of paper money there was a custom to put notes in a purse the face to the owner, it is obligatory in expanded form and accurately straightened. British advise those who have a problem with finance, to throw into a pocket of a little spider. And here the Russian merchants, having heard in the spring a voice of the first cuckoo, tinkled in a pocket money. Was considered that in this case money will never end. That the capital grew, it is necessary to show a coin to a new moon.

And, at last, the most ecological council. Plant a monetary tree - a crassula (it still call happiness tree). And it is not necessary to buy a ready plant, it is necessary to break off independently a small shoot, to put in a pot, to cherish it and to care. The crassula treelike possesses rare stability and unpretentiousness. In general, a crassula - a plant photophilous. But does not love a heat. During growth it is the best of all to contain a crassula at a temperature of 20 - 22 degree. In the winter she prefers lower temperatures. When airing the room in cold weather be careful. Frosty air can ruin a plant. Does not love excessive watering. Between waterings the earth has to manage to dry up. In order that to give to a crassula the form of a small tree, its prishchipnita at the height of 25 - 30 cm that the trunk was formed. For landing it is possible to use soil mix for cactuses or succulents.

And the tree not only will decorate your interior, but also will improve financial position.