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Whether the blog is mass media?

Became curious: what to us is told by the law on whether the information Internet - a resource is mass media? Or, if is more concrete: whether my blog is mass media?

We open search engine in the browser. We find the Law of the Russian Federation About mass media we read article 2: mass media are understood as the periodic printing edition, radio - a body - the video program, the film chronicle program, other form of periodic distribution of mass information .

Thus, criterion for recognition the Internet - a resource mass media is simultaneous observance of four conditions: frequency of distribution of information, constant name, mass character of the recipient, certain form of presentation of material.

What we have if to consider this blog?

1. Frequency. Yes, notes in the blog appear more or less regularly, - it is possible to tell, periodically.

2. The name is quite accurate, certain and constant.

3. Mass character of the recipient - undoubtedly is: about 600 readers of RSS - a tape and about 600 people receive mailing of updates through the Subscribe service. Ru. Well, and some number of readers visit blog pages directly, using the Internet - browsers.

4. Form of presentation of material. It can be the printing edition, radio, a body or the video program, the film chronicle program, other form of periodic distribution of information. Our blog - that other " form;. And, by the way, article 24 of the Act of the Russian Federation About mass media it is established that the rules established by the present Law for radio - and TV programs, are applied to periodic distribution of mass information through systems of a teletext, the video text and other telecommunication " networks; .

Proceeding from the above it is possible to draw quite certain conclusion that my blog (as well as all other blogs of the RuNet - is not important even, what subject) is mass media. Correctly? No, not correctly.

Why is not present?

Because in order that mass media acquired the right to be called and be that, it needs to be registered as mass media in appropriate authorities. As tells the law, mass media has the right to carry out the activity only after such registration. My blog is not registered as mass media, and, moreover, I think that my attempts to register it as mass media will cause bewilderment in officials.

What we have as a result?

The first. My blog, though answers all criteria of belonging to mass media, mass media is not.

The second. A condition of the Russian legislation in the field of regulation of the relations on the Internet deplorable: many important questions are not adjusted at all, and laws which exist do not work.