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Shortly about modern the Internet - technologies and the web projects - 2. 0

K the Internet - to technologies carry WWW - technologies for access to databases, economically effective technologies of creation of city telecommunication systems for science and education, information search in Internet, protocols, Web - workshops, interactive work with Mathcad - documents on the Mathcad Calculation Server technology.

Having increased labor productivity, scientifically - technical progress forced the person to work much more intensively, but not hands, but the head. Nevertheless, it is rational use the computer only the good expert in subject domain can.

The Internet - technologies or ICT (it is information - communication technologies) develop quickly, covering all new and new fields of activity of the person. New architecture for construction of infrastructure not only the distributed information resources, but also the distributed calculations are created: the technologies allowing to use all computing capacities and external devices (means of communication, sensors, microprocessors, etc.) connected in a global network, go for change of personal appendices and use of capacities of one computer. At the same time there are innovative methods of access to information in any the place at any time and even from any resource.

The most considerable ideas and technologies defining development the Internet are creation of home local networks on the basis of ideas of IP of office - unite the majority of household appliances and external devices of the computer and are connected with the outside world; means of support of videoconferences; creation of the uniform electronic document which are united by the identity card, the driving license, credit cards and passwords for an entrance to various systems; utilities in the Internet (information and use of software of web - services).

It is inseparably linked with concept the Internet - technologies concept of the web 2 projects. 0. Conditionally speaking, it is a technique of design of systems which become better for those, than more users take part in it. Feature of these technologies - repeated check of content. Users independently create design, make the recommendations, demand changes. Concerning design of these projects it is possible to tell that in it bright colors, a large print, the rounded-off corners dominate. The Edited web - so still call this type of projects from - for the fact that in them there are a lot of blogs.

The term web - 2. 0 it is often used for the purpose of advertizing for increase of cost of the project in the opinion of clients. As a result among professionals to a web - 2. 0 are skeptical very because it is not enough their still fundamental differences from other websites.