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When water wakes up? On April 16

I - water, I - water, would talk who to me , - this children`s song is known and love everything. Water - one of the most widespread images evil spirit in Slavic mythology. According to a legend of the fallen angels overthrown on the earth, is water a demon who fell in water. With water in Russia the set of curious signs and beliefs was connected.

According to a national calendar on April 3 (on April 16 on new style) water wakes up from hibernation hungry and furious. Peasants and, of course, fishers in particular, considered as a good sign to cajole the water grandfather that that what trouble did not do. He was treated with bread, porridge, oil, honey, a fried pig, and at times with a special ceremony heated a sickly horse as proof of respect.

Also in old times thought that geese live all summer under supervision of water. And that he responsibly guarded them, it was necessary to make a sacrifice: peasants tore off to a goose the head and threw a trunk into water. At the same time judged whether the entertainment was pleasant water: if it went to a bottom, means the spirit is happy if it remained on a surface, then alas, it is not enough.

There lives the water grandfather at the bottom of the rivers and lakes, in ponds, whirlpools and bogs, under old mills and in a sharp coastal sedge. And he chooses places for life silent and secluded. For example, the rivulet mislaid in dark or the whirlpool hidden from sunshine by the trees which are filled up with a storm are ideally suited for water.

Water stays at the bottom of a reservoir in the afternoon, but as soon as the sun sits down at the horizon and twilight is condensed, he is shown from water and can even go for a walk on the coast. In the ancient time Slavs considered that the most favourite time of water spirit - midnight . In the peace moonlight night water wishing and to have fun - to make any sounds and to clap violently a palm on water, making up for horror on overdue travelers. Some to the poselena assured what especially likes water to sport near the river in a red shirt.

It is curious that phases of the moon influence shape of water. So, under the decreasing moon it is old and thoughtful, and at growing - is young and carefree. Happens, water frolics also in the afternoon: the serene small river unexpectedly as will begin to seethe, will shoot up up and the unclear being will seem for a moment: whether fish, whether person. And still water - is to such an extent eager for noisy feasts and gamblings that quite often convokes on an entertainment relatives from the next reservoirs and loses fish in cards. On some Old Russian representations, at this spirit under water the real crystal chambers.

Water peasants described appearance differently. Someone assured that it is the naked old man with a huge stomach, a predlinny green beard and hair, all covered with ooze and scales. In other place it was seen in an image of the horned person with the shining eyes, with huge fingers standing, a tail and paws instead of hands. Others water spirit called the high growth of the gray-haired old man who acquired a moss. And to someone red eyes and a huge wide nose forever were engraved in the memory. Such various descriptions are absolutely unsurprising if to take into account the fact that water - the evil spirit, so, with ease changes the shape: can pretend to be even a log, a pig or the huge sizes a pike. The last, by the way, is most widespread. Said even that such pike keeps during swimming on a current, but not against.

Water as our ancestors trusted, there is enough of quiet temper , gallant and brave it it is exclusive in the water elements. However he sharp-sightedly watches everyone who comes to its possession. He when intrude upon its leisure does not love: spit in water, throw in it garbage, erase, quarrel near the river, remember the devil. If will remember the offender, so by all means will revenge!

And of punishment at water cruel: can just grab by a leg and to a bottom to drag, and can drown. Especially safely it heats bathing without cross worn on the neck or in the forbidden time: midday, after a sunset and the late fall. Straight drowned men also get to a kingdom of water spirit. Female representatives become mermaids whom water marries, and men become working which continually have to wash up sand and pour water. Eventually drowned men become water. The water grandfather and cattle to frighten on a watering place can, both to spoil a mill, and to disperse all fish.

Considered earlier that if the river unexpectedly flooded banks, from furious waves dams became torn, and from a bottom some rumble is heard, so water plays a cheerful wedding, with songs yes dancings. Water, on ancient beliefs, very much loves horses, and keeps herds of horses and cows in the underwater kingdom quite often itself. Sometimes it releases them to take a walk. Was considered that if to run all over such herd (all animals of water black color) with an icon, then it will pass into the terrestrial world.

Respects water those who are able to keep secrets, and he loves secrets. For example, the skilled fisherman if wants successful catching, for anything directly will not tell that he goes fishing. Fishers, by the way, especially treated the owner of waters: believed that he does not suffer small networks because he feels sorry for the little small fish and allows to catch only already matured fishes a large grid. And the first caught small fish needs to be let out back in water, in honor the underwater tsar.

One of the most strict rules peasants had a ban to pass at night at water : and water after sunset has to have a rest, besides in lunar time of day the evil spirit, for example, water is awake.

Today ancient legends quite often cause laughter, call long-term supervision of ancestors prejudices and silly superstitions. But if to ponder, all of them are based, first of all, on feeling of respect for the nature which so is not enough for the modern person, and therefore are praiseworthy.