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What to do on St. Valentine`s Day if you are lonely?

St. Valentine`s Day, or St. Valentine`s Day which is celebrated in the world in an increasing number of the countries now are considered a holiday for couples. If you found the second half or even fastened yourself with Gimeney`s bonds, then, of course, on February 14 you can make a declaration of love to your satellite or the companion once again. And if you did not do it very long ago, then especially to use an occasion to arrange each other a reminder on your love.

But what to do if now you are lonely and for a long time you are searching or, on the contrary, recently left the partner? How to you with advantage for the future love life to spend this day?

Of course, on February 14 it is possible and not to note. If you now out of couple. This holiday came to Russia recently, and it first of all is convenient to producers of candies and sellers of flowers and cards: one more occasion to fork up to buyers. This holiday it is possible just to ignore as, however, and New year, with that difference that here you nobody will be to get congratulations within two weeks.

And what can be made if all of you - decided to join it tsvetochno - to candy madness?

Red hearts dazzle on counters, on cards, hint at love, attachment and passion. And why it is impossible to make this day recognition of love to himself? This is not about egoism, about narcissism and other. It is only that you can make yourself attractive to love, plunge into a condition of love even if at you is not present now in human life with which you could share these feelings. While it materializes, express love to yourself and other close people near you.

It is the fact that if we do not love ourselves, we cannot share love with people around - not very well, with the partner or just friends and parents. If in us there is no love, we have nothing to share. We are empty, we are devastated by . But we can fill ourselves. It not something that can make only another in our life, chosen , we have on this influence. We can control the health, mood, to influence what feelings we have at the moment. We can also feel love and love voluntarily.

If it happened so that on this holiday you are lonely, then here is how you can introduce love in the life.

Stage 1. Preparation for a holiday


Make something that will give you pleasure.

If you incidentally forgot from what you take pleasure and pleasure, fast remember: make the list of not less than 30 things which bring you pleasure. As the author of the book " claims; Practical intuition in love Laura Dai, giving itself pleasure, we begin to feel the same feelings which we feel at love, and reactions of our body and physiology are that as if we indeed are in love completely .

You do not waste time on trifles, find something like that that you do seldom (we have a festival of love!) also indulge yourself. It can be as the simplest things, beginning from care of themselves, of the body, taste of refined food, acceptance of a bathtub or massage, to something more large-scale: like rest on the sand beach, reading the favourite book, a visit on a premiere of theater or on long ago desired concert. No matter, as far as it is global or situational, let it will give you joy and original pleasure.

At this stage it is important that you felt pleasure and pleasure, indulged themselves and remembered how people who are in love feel - they are happy, free, their eyes shine, they are keen on life, they manage everything.

Stage 2. Actually a holiday

On a holiday congratulate your relatives. Nobody speaks about the former beloved, it is about those people who are dear to you in your life now: friends, family, colleagues with whom you well communicate, and also all people to whom you want to present a part of pleasure. It is possible to congratulate as orally, and by means of a card - a Valentine`s Day card. Present to the girlfriends or the best friends candies or symbolical gifts at desire and inspiration. Let it will be one more thing which will give you pleasure.

The most important - on this holiday of life do not forget about yourself. Women, buy flowers if now nearby there is no man who would present them to you together with the heart. Men, make to yourself a refined dinner or you descend in restaurant if now near you there is no woman together with whom you would prepare something magic at home. Give to drink your feelings aromas of a holiday, pleasant sounds and pleasure. If you celebrate, make for yourself something special.

Stage 3. After a holiday

Let a holiday on February 14, St. Valentine`s Day, will become for you rehearsal. You can do every day to yourself the mass of pleasant and learn to derive pleasure in the course of any business.

Deriving pleasure, we become very attractive to an opposite sex (I do not speak any more about interest which we show in life).

So, shining brightly and shining, you will draw a lot of attention, and there already business will become for small - the choice from attracted that person who is really necessary to you. You love yourself and be loved. With a holiday you!