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How to find the good translator of

of Tolmachi were necessary always. And today especially - appear new business - partners, send children to study abroad - without language and the translator not to manage.

Demand right there gives rise to the offer therefore now the number of the people offering the services in the field of the translation is very high. But the problem is that many of them only consider themselves as translators, but actually them are not. And often use that it is not so easy for unprepared customer to define quality of the performed work. So if the translation was necessary for you, pay attention to certain moments.

- As just sounds, but the translator has to be skilled. At the same time he has to be skilled translator. If the person of 20 years worked at university, it not always means that he is a good translator.

By the way, skilled - at all does not mean polyglot . When the person claims that he knows 4 languages - English, German, Chinese and Hungarian, it is worth reflecting here. Most likely, he does not know any of these languages up to standard. The translation is an art and is ground for years. Each translator, adequately to perform the work, has to be engaged in increase of the qualification constantly. Otherwise eventually its translation will lose quality. And, of course, the translator has to know Russian faultlessly.

- If the translator in perfection knows English - does not mean that it will brilliantly translate you the instruction to boring installation. He has to understand subject. Ideal option - narrow-purpose experts with two higher educations, one of which - a faculty of foreign languages. Even the most ideal knowledge of language will not teach the translator to subtleties of other profession.

- Be not conducted on announcements I Zdelat the translation for 1 dollar for the " page;. You will only spend time in vain. The good translation cannot cost little.

It is much easier to call a decent translation agency, than to ring round tens of translators and to find out from them experience, qualification, and then to study a portfolio. In agencies where a big staff of translators, their selection was already made for you.

Besides to distinguish the decent agency of the translations appreciating the reputation, from a small group gathered on the Internet of the same a grief - translators, it is necessary to specify some moments.

- Do we have translators with two educations.

- Whether there are an editor and the proofreader. The good agency reads the translation regarding mistakes. It is very important, you see, to one person not to follow all the slips and typographical errors.

- If you translate documents which need to be assured, then it is better to address to the agency of the translations which is carrying out notarial assurance at once. Then you will save both time, and nerves. If to use services of the private translator, then it is necessary to go together with him to the notary, to show it the diploma granting the right for the translation, and the notary if documents are in a special way not processed, will certify nothing.

If you need urgency, then usually the agency provides it, having involved team of translators. For unification of their work in the best agencies use the special Translation Memory systems. This system is expensive therefore not all can afford it.

Many translation offices have today websites on which exhaustive information is posted that will save your time.

Understanding to you and success in affairs!