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How to play with the child who often has a cold?

Some parents do not consider cold at the kid as something serious. But actually the nose carries out many important functions in an organism: respiratory, olfactory, speech and protective. Long violation of breath through a nose at the child can lead to deterioration in the general physical state, allergic reactions, a bad dream, absent-mindedness and forgetfulness subsequently. Cold, especially chronic, it is necessary to treat, implementing all recommendations of the doctor.

Parents can help the child to get rid of this unpleasant disease too.

Pediatricians claim that cold often begins after overcooling of feet. Keep the child`s legs in the warm!

Air the room in which there is a sick kid.

Moisten air. for this purpose can use special devices, and it is possible just to hang out a wet towel on the battery. Do not forget also about damp cleaning.

Teach the child to blow nose , blowing slime with a half-open mouth. If the child parents have to clear absolutely small, then his nose.

Be engaged with the kid , placing emphasis at the games capable to improve its state.

Here examples of suitable games for kids which often have a cold.

The Sleeping hamster

This game teaches the child to a profound exhalation, thereby, restoring the broken nasal breath. Before game show to the kid the picture with the image of a hamster. Tell how the hamster washes, fills cheeks a forage.

That game made positive action on the sick child, dress it in free and convenient clothes, create the quiet atmosphere. It is possible to play both sitting, and standing, and lying. The main thing that muscles of the child were completely relaxed.

You make all actions together with the baby. You will represent hamsters who made stocks of food and fell asleep directly with mumpish cheeks.

Ask the child to exhale completely. Then let will clamp acoustical passes of ears thumbs of both hands. Further it is necessary to clamp middle fingers nose wings then sharply to involve air through an open mouth, to close lips and to inflate cheeks. Then let the child will hang the head on a breast and will close eyes. In the situation the sleeping hamster it is possible to remain so long how many it will turn out to sustain. The first exhalation should be done after that through a nose.

It is possible to play 3 - 4 times a day this game.

To Creech - I whisper

This game well develops a palatal curtain of the child. The weak palatal curtain provokes twang at the kid, it needs to be strengthened. Besides, this game develops diction and an articulation.

Think up the amusing phrase which the child will say differently (depending on a task). Tasks can be the following:

- to whisper the phrase;

- to cry out the phrase;

- to begin the phrase in a whisper and to pass gradually to shout;

- to begin with shout and to pass to whisper;

- to begin with shout, in the middle to pass to whisper, and then to return to shout again;

- at first to whisper, to the middle to pass to shout and again to return to whisper.

If the child is not able to speak offers yet, ask it to shout loudly, stretching some vowel. It too perfectly trains a palatal curtain.

To Tpr!

This game intends for absolutely small children. It exerts beneficial influence on all respiratory system of the kid. Besides, this exercise promotes development of the speech of the child.

At first show to the child as it is necessary to carry out this exercise:

- gather in yourself more air;

- leaky close lips;

- on an exhalation pronounce the word to a tpr stretching the last vowel. At the same time lips have to vibrate strongly.

This exercise can be carried out at game in machines (imitating a motor sound) or in horses (for a stop of a horse).

Ridiculous ball

Remarkable action on all respiratory system of the child (including nasal breath) inflation of balls possesses. Ask the child to inflate a ball. It is desirable that there were several participants of game. Then explain rules: you throw up a ball up, participants have to laugh loudly. But as soon as the ball will concern a floor or some subject, the laughter needs to be stopped at once. The one who will not satisfy this condition - leaves game. And last remained you award with this ball!

Game Ridiculous ball develops attention and promotes maintenance of the friendly atmosphere in a family.


At frequent cold it is useful for h2 to swallow of droplets. Suggest the child to drink warm water on a droplet from a pipette. This exercise possesses quite good preventive action against a nose congestion.

The listed games - exercises will not cure the kid of cold, but considerably will improve its state. And the best medicine is your care and love!