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How to tell the child about financial difficulties?

Financial crisis to which inhabitants and some homebrew politicians first tried not to pay attention are surely untwisted by the flywheel. Sooner or later, but all should face its consequences almost. For certain decrease in level of the parental income will be felt also by children. How to explain to them what occurs?

Psychologists claim that talk with children on financial questions, of course, of their simplest components, it is possible to conduct already with three-year age. To fondly believe that at so early age the child will be able to comprehend all depth of problems on which permission the best economists of the planet work.

A family - the center of the Universe of the preschool child. Should not try to din into it why something changed. It is enough to tell that some purchases and periodic actions demanding monetary expenses are temporarily cancelled. It is very important that the child did not apprehend it as punishment or a consequence of the wrong behavior. To convince the child that it is still loved, replace material signs of attention with communication, joint games, walks and occupations.

Children are more senior, aged till 13 - 15 years , are more developed. But also they are not able to draw the correct conclusions, based on available information yet. The postponed trip to the sea or purchase of the laptop is taken by them painfully, especially if to friends - companions all this is available.

It is unlikely attempts to explain changes in financial position at once will be apprehended adequately. On the other hand, difficulties - the good reason for the teenager is better to understand surrounding life, to understand how economic processes in a family are connected, the country and the world that is possible and it is necessary to do to depend less on external factors. Explaining a situation, do not place emphasis that at work detain a salary and therefore everything is so bad. Try to depict the situation more widely.

What strong was aspiration of the teenager to independence, at his age parents - still stable center of world around. You should not break down artificially developed stereotype and to load the child own concern and uncertainty. It is less than emotions, everything is good in its season.

On the contrary, can share the experiences and fears with the senior school students and students safely. Frankness can promote unity of a family before difficulties.

Financial problems of parents can cause aspiration to help a family, to earn own money in the child not to load mother and the father excess cares. Desire to be economically independent and independent - the phenomenon positive. Parents should support him regardless of existence of crisis or the safe period. According to specialists of the Minsk center of social service of a family and children, system of financial incentives and restrictions it is expedient to apply already from early school age.

What difficulties it was not necessary to face, it is worth remembering that the main thing in a family - not material prosperity, but love, mutual understanding and support which will help to overcome any disorders.