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And what words are told to the girls by you?

U you happened so what the child does not want to go to school? And for some reason on Wednesday and Friday. He can suddenly get sick or there are some other reasons. You are angry, from the fact that often it is necessary to sit on hospital and to replace you there is nobody, and it is necessary to charge extra lectures quickly Then, in several years the child tells about English lessons (on Wednesday and on Friday) at which Galya - Gena shouted at children so that one girl even peed the pants. Then you learn still a set of other horror stories. And the child cannot repeat the word which were cried out by the teacher because they are abusive. There was it? I had everything quite so.

At the end of the scheduled seminar (by the way, in pedagogical higher education institution), I distributed to students leaflets and asked to write words which were told them by parents (laudable and abusive), and on a reverse side those words which spoke teachers. More than 60 were gathered questionnaires students - philologists and future wrote the elementary school teacher. In total - little girls, guys at these faculties are almost not trained.

The smallest column (only 9 words) turned out at teachers. I bring completely - our support, clear head, good girl, clever rebyatushka, clever child, good fellow, asterisk, sweetheart . For some reason in the same company the word " was defined; laughers can as a counterbalance to an eternal teacher`s hail - Stop neighing as horses! ?

Parents also somehow not especially indulged little girls the words creating a positive spirit. Are only added to above-mentioned teacher`s rooms sweet umenshitelno - the pet names borrowed from fauna - the hare, an infant rat, an elephant calf, a cat, a swallow, begemotik and the Cheburashka (?) . There is both a God`s dandelion, and a postrelyonok, and the beauty, and the assistant, and a sweetheart samovarny Only 30.

Unless it is possible with it scanty a set to resist to that negative arsenal of words and phrases which is not even located on an ordinary writing-book leaflet. Teachers are in the lead! To Announce all " list; article volume does not allow. I quote only on the letter - the untalented person, the stupid person (most widespread), irresponsible, a head, brainless, the idler, blockheads, bandits, careless pigs, brainless creatures, the talker, a bobblehead, baddy, a head aspen, press a bog, the rolls and do not lean out The words relating to unrationed lexicon also take place to be.

It is well-known that if constantly speak to the person fool it to them in a consequence also becomes. Fortunately, training at school has one remarkable quality - it comes to an end. But parents - that remain. With the software .

Passed more than ten years

- And here with this student was obviously not lucky you, you namuchatsya. It is not so responsible, - with the methodologist on a correspondence department we check the list of my diploma students. The student, we will name her Masha, it was lost at the first stage of writing of work. The search actions undertaken by Car mother brought into hospital of the neighboring town. It appeared, the dochura went to visit with the husband and the six-month-old daughter to the mother-in-law. And here trouble - at the young woman dispersed (!?) seam (Cesarean section). The car mother sends me an academic year project, the report on practice, reports about a state of health of the daughter, generally, develops rough saving activity. On preliminary protection I try to adjust the student on working harmony I explain that now it is important to gain strength and to defend the thesis. I say that it is possible to offer purity and order of the house, and to spend time for preparation for protection. She objects - What you, mother always told me if at me the dishes are not washed, then the husband will beat me. Or if the house is not tidied up, then the husband surely will beat me!

In our conversation there comes the silence. I think of seams which just like that do not disperse in 6 months after operation, Masha scaredly looks at me and, apparently, for the first time thinks of words of the mother. She understands that it were not simple words.

P. S. Someone will notice and where about boys ? Well such conversation did not turn out Big boys on my question about parental (more precisely fatherly) manuals (read programmirovaniye) were surprised, did huge eyes and at best spoke - Leave me alone! . Perhaps, because mainly in our country women are engaged in education?

Only one old picture recured to the memory - the friend teaches the son at the holiday table - Remember, you cannot drink, the alcoholic, you have your father bad heredity The Father (who, by the way, was it is coded and several years did not drink) was silent as it was not allowed to have own opinion, and especially to state it. And the Little boy very clearly sought to show what understands gravity of the moment.

Recently on the next feast we appeared near again. The guest sitting opposite to us shook by a bottle with whisky and asked the guy You Will be? . Already Big boy answered - I Want, but I will not be . Well, still ahead - encouraged The Kind uncle also began to namakhivat one pile for another, without waiting for toasts. Decoded the father smiled some strange wandering smile.