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What fish for the Karelian the best? There are no

, in this article not to find the analysis of food features and tastes of the Onega ryapushka in their comparison with a belomorsky herring. Ungrateful this business. Well, on the one hand, on taste and color All know! Who likes the priest to whom - popadya, and to whom - Popova the daughter. Also you should not convince the fan of a smoked whitefish that the baked bream - is better. If only at you free time the car, and you toil and do not know, as if to spend it pobestolkovy. But It is a pity!

As on the other hand, so fishes different are necessary, fishes different are important . Here, for example, pike Who Who there about a kostistost of river fish? Yes you did not try just stuffed pike! Same

of Feet, car. I already said that not about that here! Passion as there is no wish to be engaged in affairs ungrateful today. Better - tomorrow. Or in general - then. And now

E-eekh Of course, earlier Before fish of everyone at us was

Well, any granny in the markets under the open sky so far that in each city residential district, could give the goods to the people on the mountain. The lake, it here, it is direct near by Petrozavodsk. At a morning dawn of a network lifted, threw out a catch on the deck, turned a wheel and - AI To the city!

And still krivoshipno - shatunny that somewhere there, under the deck, chukh - chukh On boxes and stuffed all that aboard from networks was accepted. Well, and what was not stuffed, on a galley and in a saucepan As will begin to boil, a skin removed, onions there, a golovochka, a morkovina tselenky already wait for

A on a pier, wait This machine - on Jaguar this is on Central this is on Leningrad .

So to whom it is necessary to a watch to nine will wipe eyes, will clean teeth, cash on a purse will check and - to the market! And there already Sudachok? Here you are, please. Sizhok? Here you are! Shchuchka?. From chastikovy that? Yes heap whole!

Gills... Gills - it is direct krasnyushch - shchy Not that colors of ripe cherry. Or there with outflow gray. And that`s it - krasnyushch - shchy! Well, as that flag at brothers - hunkhuz Chinese. Eyes - convex, transparent. Silver of scales gleams and what damages on it are not present. A scale to a scale. Adjoins to skin As poured. Transparent slime has some. And a body plo - about - otny. A finger you will press. The pole either is not formed, or quickly and completely restored " before; as was .

No, of course, the relish, et when it, a small fish that is, only - only from water extended, r - r - time, and in a kettle! A skin removed, well, and further everyone, according to the recipe. Who - with a vodka bottle on a bucket, minutes for five before the termination cookings. Who - with a birch burned poleshk, is direct from a kosterka before to remove a kettle from fire and - in it That precisely - with a smoke!

But this, in the market that. Cooled Cooled, et when it was pulled out, on boxes scattered also an ice lake - from above yes a gorochka while from the lake to a pier splash.

That in the summer with ice problems were not that, in February - March when already not so strong frosts, but ice on the lake still solid, special crew the " chiansaw; Urals cuts it, on sanochka and - motor-sledge, vzhik - on a warehouse - the refrigerator. And in Putin before to the lake to leave, those blocks of ice square - in hold, in hold The nettle - that, it does not grow in the lake! As at what ? Yes if its leaves to shift a catch, so fresh fish will remain much longer. The old, checked fishing way. Here only in the industrial purposes to use it Difficult. And it does not grow

So so far to networks go, watch has nothing to do, not all in cards to be cut by it and to drive teas in a bunk room, on that bar and a kuvaldochka... Ice crumb then - in boxes, over fish... Gorochky

Yes! Cooled - that too nothing... Its freezing of fish intracellular juice is not provided. And, so the tastiness in fish, but not where in what other place. Look for, whistle for it.

And here as on the price tag write, freshly frozen so that and not fish at all, and so a poppycock full with a pronounced fish smell to cats on a forage And that, not each of them and will begin to guzzle... And respecting himself - for any there the Wiskas! Thrust where far away this makrorus, a telepiya, a catfish spotty or a horse-mackerel silvery, a hake Canadian called on illiteracy icthyological!

On a fish factory our technologists said to me that all fish Not, here I bent, of course. Well, not all, but on how many - that there many percent consist of water. Only water that cunning somehow is called. Like there physiological solution. And this solution on sections, on sections is poured and is densely so packed into some membranka. Only also look that did not flow out where unpacked this biological by the liquid vain nature.

When freezing liquid, a school course of physics is remembered, extends. And the membranka - that is not rubber. Liquid extended, tore a membranka. And when we fish from shop there, from a warehouse - the refrigerator home brought, on a table splashed and began to wait until it is defrozen, all fish relish, juice this intracellular that in a membranka it was hided, and will flow out Therefore as fish will be defrozen, we not fish already fry, we soar, we cook, and so some hogwash. Well, type fish fibers with a smell of fat amino acids of an animal origin.

So as the markets closed at us supposedly insanitary conditions only from them and advantage any to the labor population, okromya colibacillus...

Yes excuse that! How so there is no advantage? Went here, let and cooled, but pritaranit from the market! And what you want! There is an advantage and only which of owners of life to listen to us - that will be?! They through super - or there hyper - markets, - iye denzhishch - Russian cabbage soup wash

of Wons, neighbors. Constructed at themselves, in Helsinki, Vankh of a kauppakhalla - The old Covered Market. By itself, not new if since 1889 costs. And where? In thirty meters from the Presidential palace. Anything. Costs. Disturbs nobody. Only pleases the buyer with any fish from local fishermen. You want - here fresh. Is not present? Here - in the form of house preparations. Speak, an eel it is possible to buy at absolutely ridiculous prices. And it - in one of the most expensive Countries of Europe. About what sticks nobody remembers even!

And in this super - hyper that?! Or the nonsense what frozen which and cats do not eat muzzles turn back, or the trout cooled... Trout. To odds - eel! Who money in a pocket has a trout every day to buy?!

Everyone, everyone Well, or every other day at least! And is more rare - so that death Karelian... If the real Karelian did not eat fishes two days running, then lays down - and dies. And we what, were going to die? Or not the presents?!

And therefore, brothers, all. There is no time me. On the lake, on the lake There it, the best fish!

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