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How to collect reliable information about future employer?

Before going on the vacation to the far-away unfamiliar country, for example, Cambodia, we try to learn about it more. Thus we reduce risk to spoil impressions, to catch diseases or to miss new opportunities.

Therefore expenses of time for searches of additional information on the employer is of investment of time which reduce risks:

to receive less, than promised you (for example, you thought that the salary will be pure and the employer counted - with taxes);

it to be span in the uncomfortable atmosphere where employees are not respected;

to be exposed to penalties;

to cease to develop professionally;

and other corporate horrors .

Below - the main sources of information on the company: future head, recruiter / employee of department of personnel.

Future head

Is the most valuable and reliable source of information. Valuable because in other sources there is much less information. Reliable - not because your future head - the apostle will also tell you all truth. But because you at skillful carrying out interview will be able to learn not only that the chief told, but also about what he does not want to speak about.

Interview strategy - what to ask and in what order is a question of your priorities . For example, I want to work under supervision of the head who:

possesses kind and honest character;

it is focused on result;

is a professional in the area and constantly develops;

respects employees.

Therefore my private matters to the head will concern these subjects. However you can ask what interests you. The main thing - write down the questions and show them to authoritative friends in career or consult to the career coach .

I will continue my list. In work to me it is important:

friendly atmosphere;

growth of revenue (it is important to me to feel that the company grows and I grow together with it);

observance of the Labour code (I do not like swindlers for some reason);

investments from the company into my professional growth.

Formulate questions at first in to the open " form; i.e. the answer means free consciousness stream (unlike answers - yes, is not present). Open questions often have advantage - they allow the interlocutor to reveal. However, if your vis-a-vis leaves from the answer or speaks is indistinct, turn to specific questions.

So, several practical advice - that should be asked. Ask these questions if for you in work participation in decision-making and a certain independence is important to feel.

Describe please your style of the management? Pause. We listen.

How you make decisions?

In what measure you involve the employees in decision-making? Give a fresh example.

In what measure your employees have freedom in decision-making within the competence? Whether you are ready to accept their opinion even if it will contradict yours? Give an example of such situation.

the Following questions will help you to slightly open a veil how in the organization the conflicts are solved.

Describe, please, to steam of last conflicts with employees - as you solved them?

If it tells that the conflicts do not happen, then before you the liar sits. If tells about a couple of examples - listen as your conflicts can be solved if you settle. Specify details.

However very few people manage to use opportunities for communication with the head for 100%. Why? Because most of applicants, in - the first, does not know how to do it, and secondly, nobility and be able is different things.

How you think what chances at you (having even read articles) to skillfully conduct interview with the head who tens of times a year lead similar discussions? In order that your interview with the head naboly was successful, pass training at the career consultant .

Other questions which can be used depending on a situation.

What administrative qualities you consider as the strength? Weak?

How you improve the administrative skills? What training programs you passed for the last year? If the head is not ready to give

30 minutes on similar questions before your hiring is an unreliable person and the company. Because unless it is not reasonable - to find several minutes for this purpose with whom you will work years?

the Recruiter / employee of department of human resource management

In most cases the first whom you meet in the new company - it is the recruiter. Questions to it can be such.

, the routine of shots is How big in the company? How many people work? How many left for the last year? What motives of dismissals?

whether areas where the companies not up to the end follows the Labour code Are? It can be: gray salaries, frauds with holidays, illegal dismissals... (read the Labour code and choose that interests you first of all).

What measures of punishment and encouragement of personnel are applied in the company? Pause. Pay attention (or specify in addition) whether penalties and so forth are applied. Ask to give examples of two - three cases what employees were punished for and awarded?

the Former staff of the company

Main during the collecting and an assessment of information on the company is breadth of views . I.e. to capture different sources and different (both positive, and negative) opinions.

The scheme advanced applicants and employment agents such is.

They find the curriculum vitae of the employee of the company interesting them on one of the websites. Compose a legend - type they became interested in the candidate. And in a minute turn to questions of your experience in this company: what were responsible for why the developing questions on the basis of what was told by the candidate left +.

In what advancement of a technique? That to state a legend, skills which are acquired only training are required not to become puzzled and learn that you want. Try!

A problem for the mere mortal (unlike agents) - only couple of popular websites give the chance free of charge to see contacts of other applicants (but it already much!) :

rabota. ru /

job. ru/cv /

Further sources demand skills of work with the Internet and, in particular, with search engines.


Look for mentions of the name of the company in blogs:

in Google Blogsearch (google. com)

in Yandex Blogs (yandex. ru)

of News

Look for articles from official and mass media through services:

Google News (google. ru/news)

Yandex News (yandex. ru/yandsearch)

Website of the company

Girl, and what is your name? Most likely, the answer to this question will not be given to the man of any knowledge of new familiar (if her name not Revolution) , however by these the first that needs to be known, truly? The same and with the website of the company.

What it is important to understand as a result of viewing of the corporate website.

Keywords of branch is an opportunity to talk in one language. You can pleasantly surprise interlocutors with knowledge of terms (only do it pertinently!)

Latest news

Situation in the market

Clients It will be healthy

if you are able distinctly to answer these questions after acquaintance to the corporate website:

As the company makes money? (It is the purpose of any commerce, truly?)

At what markets the company works? And what occurs - growth, stagnation or decline? You think, in crisis at all falling? Think of lawyers and immigration agents... they are happy to crisis

What role of your position, department in increase in profit, improvement of quality, reduction of expenses? in conclusion I will note

that job search is the professional work demanding special knowledge and skills, in particular too: search, collecting and analysis of information and skill of carrying out interview.