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How to prepare Italian pesto and Mexican for a guakamola? Green sauces

Even the habitual dish can get absolutely new flavoring shades if to add exotic sauce to it. Besides, it is always pleasant to surprise the guests with something tasty and unusual. Italian pesto and Mexican to a guakamola, tasty, useful, fast and simple in preparation, can quite become culinary counter any hostess. Pesto`s

In Italy shelves of grocery stores abound with various variations of the pesto sauce loved by Mediterraneans. And in Russia he already managed to be fallen in love by much. Classical liguriyskiya pesto it is easy to prepare and simply. It will be required: 4 big handfuls of leaves of a basil, 1/2 glass of olive oil, 1/3 glass of pine nuts, 2 garlic gloves, 1/2 glass of grated cheese parmesan, pinch of coarse salt and fresh ground pepper.

For preparation it is convenient to i to use, of course, the blender or the food processor, but for full compliance to the Italian traditions of home cuisine it is required to pound ingredients in a marble mortar a wooden nimbus ( pesto from ital. pounded ) . Regardless of the chosen way, basilicas, olive oil, nutlets and garlic are crushed approximately to a state when pieces of leaves of a basil become the size slightly more kristallik of salt of a coarse grinding. Parmesan is added to the received weight, salt, pepper and all ingredients carefully mix up manually. Sauce is ready!

Ready sauce can be stored as preparation in banks in the refrigerator. It is possible to use it literally with all dishes, in particular with those which do not possess own pronounced taste. So, for example, having added pesto to any macaroni, it is possible to receive an independent dish - paste with pesto . It is good also with any meat and as gas station to vegetable salad. If sauce really was good, then is not excluded that it will be estlozhka as an independent dish! Guakamole`s

came From the North American continent other not less interesting green sauce - to the guakamola. The name is translated from language of the Aztecs living in the territory of modern Mexico as " avocado sauce;. Therefore it is already clear what will be the main ingredient and what caused green color. So, necessary products: 2 large, ripe avocados, a half the crushed bulbs, 1 - 2 halves of the peeled chili pepper, 1 tablespoon of small cut cilantro, 1 tablespoon of juice of a lime or a lemon, coarse salt and ground pepper to taste, at will - a half of small cut tomato without seeds and a thin skin. Fruits of avocado are cut by

in half, the stone is removed, the pulp is taken out from a peel. The pulp needs to be put in a bowl and to pound carefully a fork. In received by avocado - weight the crushed onions, cilantro and juice of a lime are added (juice is necessary to avoid oxidation of avocado at contact with air, how korichnevet the made an incision apple.) All ingredients to salt and pepper to taste and to mix again carefully. Chile from - for the sharpness is crushed separately and added gradually, to taste. It is possible not to add it at all.

Anyway it is necessary to wash carefully hands after contact with this pepper and not to touch area around eyes - process of preparation has to be pleasant, but not cause tears. The received weight before the use should be covered with a polyethylene film and to place in the refrigerator, in order to avoid oxidation. To add small cut half of tomato just before giving and to carefully mix a ready dish. At desire the guakamola can add in ready slightly - slightly milk to give it more uniform texture and a subtle shade of dairy sweet.

As to a guakamola came to us from Mexico, use it with traditional Mexican dishes: fill with it corn flat cakes tortillas, dip corn chips a pile, and also put in similarity of the shawarma extended at us - buritos. Effectively giving to a guakamola in the remained avocado peel halves looks. It is possible to add to it shrimps or other products, weak to taste, and to give as snack or salad.

Such simple sauces are capable to bring something new in habitual cookery, and everyone can add something special to recipes of their preparation.