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What computer mice it is better? We very often do not even suspect

that behind each piece of household appliances there is the whole history. It would seem, well such interesting in now computer mouse well familiar to us? And, by the way, worked on its creation even three scientists of Stanford university! However, we know also a name of her real developer - Douglas Engelbard . As now it became known, owing to the extraordinary modesty he did not become a millionaire. About modern species of today`s computer mice - this article.

20 years ago, during the first emergence and the beginning of development, the computer mouse reminded rather computer rat . Today it looks absolutely differently. And to whatever changes the computer equipment, the manipulator was exposed - the mouse always remains a necessary accessory, and conversation on it is always actual. Despite external similarity, the difference between models can be very essential.

There are cases when the cheapest computer mouse is better than the most hi-tech and vice versa. Rare ball mice today not to find any more - inquiries others. Modern mice entirely optical or laser. A difference between them such: the optical mouse works in the presence of a special rug better, laser all the same at what surface to work. In the same conditions the laser mouse will be more exact. About the accuracy of a mouse it is necessary to judge by the dpi parameter. Without pressing in technical difficulties, one may say, that the more dpi value, the more precisely a mouse.

Of course, the manipulator - a mouse held a firm place in the ranks of users of all age. Use of a mouse allows to make actions with an operating system of the computer, without knowing keyboard reductions, and directly visually. For this purpose there are special mice with the number of buttons differing from traditional: besides the main, some models have additional lateral buttons, and also castors - skroller whom can be a little too. It is possible to use all this variety playing computer games, and also working in special computer programs.

Besides usual wire having a tail still there are wireless mice transmitting a signal by means of radio waves. They also share on optical and laser. Simpler models work by means of usual radio waves, more expensive analogs use the Bluetooth standard for connection and have the corresponding name Bluetooth - mice.

Usual radio mice work at distance to 3 - x meters from the computer, and the additional radio module is necessary for their connection. Bluetooth - mice do not need additional devices provided that in the computer is adjusted by Bluetooth, they work at distance to 10 meters and do not create a hindrance for others, the radio devices which are nearby.

You will hardly feel a practical difference in everyday life from such freedom of movement on the apartment, and here if you like to play computer games on the big screen when there is a wish otsest far away in a convenient chair Also if you plan to use your personal computer as DVD - the player, then the mouse can act as the remote control. By means of such mice it is very convenient to hold the computer presentations, it is not necessary to sit directly about the computer.

It is also worth noticing that in dynamic computer games, at the expense of hardly noticeable delay wireless mice, strangely enough, lose wire, however they save the place and look more esthetically. However, as well as all wireless computer peripherals.