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What conditions of receiving a dole exist?

the Dole are monetary payments to the citizens recognized in accordance with the established procedure as the unemployed. The decision on payment of a dole is made along with the decision on recognition of the citizen by the unemployed.

Charge of a dole is made from the first day of recognition of the citizen by the unemployed. In case of dismissal of the citizen from the organization for reduction of the number (staff) of employees of the organization, and also in connection with liquidation of the organization and if at the same time the citizen did not find to himself work during time period, so far behind it the average salary in the last place of work remained (including the severance pay), then the dole is charged since first day after the expiration during which for the citizen kept an average salary.

of the Condition and terms of payment of a dole

the Dole is only paid by

to those who is properly registered in an employment service and is recognized as the unemployed.

The law determined a certain period during which the unemployed can count on receiving a grant. That is, the unemployed will not receive benefit all the time while he remains not employed. So, there is the maximum term of payment of a grant which cannot be more than 24 months (in total within 36 calendar months).

Payment of a dole is carried out monthly provided that the citizen regularly passes a re-registration as the unemployed in the employment services established by bodies terms, but no more than two times a month.

the grant Size

on the basis of the predicted rate of inflation, the government establishes the minimum and maximum sizes of a dole. For 2009 the minimum size of a dole makes 850 rubles, maximum - 4900 rubles.

Minimum the size is appointed to earlier not working citizens, those who gets a job after a year break, dismissed for these or those violations of labor discipline, and also to the citizens directed by bodies of an employment service to training and deducted.

As much as possible the established size is brought closer to the size of a living wage. It is received by citizens who were dismissed from the organization within a year, and at the same time they worked before the dismissal at this enterprise not less than 26 calendar weeks. As a rule, such unemployed have a profession, qualification and a long standing of work.

For living on Far North, and also in districts where regional coefficients are applied to a salary, the size of a dole increases by the size of regional coefficient.

The termination, a suspension payments of a dole, and also decrease in its size is a prerogative of bodies of an employment service. The last are obliged to notify the unemployed on the decision without fail.

At the same time the termination of payment of a dole is made at the same time with removal of the citizen from the account as the unemployed, and the maximum term of a suspension of payment of a grant makes 3 months. Reduction of the size of the paid grant cannot exceed 25% for a period of up to one month.