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How there was a club culture? Russian version

However, discussion of the mentioned subject would be incomplete without short digression in places of fighting glory of the Russian club culture which began as well as it is necessary to all revolutionary, on coast of Neva. Exactly there is a creative " union; New artists as a part of Timur Novikov, Sergey Kuryokhin, Sergey Bugaev, Valery Allakhov created joking, and those years they synthesized Russian techno from improvised materials. Result of Perestroika time and Gorbachev okulturivaniye there was the fact that in 1989 Timur Novikov organized the first gay - friendly - a rave in a communication recreation center on which DJ Yannis (Riga) acted.

However the main blossoming and full origin of domestic club culture, it is inseparably linked with brothers Andrey and Alexey Haasami and their " club ; Dance floor on Fontanka 145 . Exactly there the first revolving objects of Technics appeared, the first passed " there; presents parties, and during its existence on Dance floor so much youth visited that it can quite carry a rank primogenitor of the Russian clubs .

The thin young man from Novosibirsk who subsequently became known under the name DJ Groove for the first time came to this club . First Russian large-scale rave Gagarin Party struck both Russians, and the foreign guests, with amazement who learned that in snow-covered Russia too there is club life, also did not do without participation Dance floor . As a matter of fact, all that we have now all this burned down Dyagilev and the prochiya - a prochiya - a prochiya, originates from a communal flat on Fontanka 145.

Having stopped for dive of development of clubs, the dance music continues to evolve permanently to this day. Eclectic connections of sounds generate new styles, the part from which dies directly in studio, still the part tries to obtain wide popularity in narrow circles. So, contrary to the wave of electro/tribal house which overflowed the world , Germany still delivers to the world market own style with the biting name schranz - the word formed of merge of other two words - schreien (to shout) and (to dance) tanzen. This style is hard techno subspecies which are characterized by heavy, minimalist and mainly monotonous sounding. Free Holland still continues to collect many thousands gabber - the raves which are fallen in love probably owing to the aggressive sounding, shaven-headed youth.

A cradle of the Russian dancing culture, St. Petersburg, continues to defend persistently the rank that, nevertheless, does not prevent the city to remain the last enclave of sunk into oblivion of pumping house on Neva . About what is done with electronic music by descendants of Samurais better to hold back in general because their experiments on crossing of exhumed of happy hardcore with everything, than it is only possible, based on local cultural heritage, it is necessary to hear own ears. Anyway, this evolution is not subject to fashion, otherwise Ryszard Di James better known as Aphex Twin, would never put a piece of an emery paper on revolving objects, reducing trip - hop with the gnash offending ears.

What will be farther - di - Jay depends only on producers also. We need only to accept new, absorbing the synthetic rhythms painted by flashes of stroboscopes. The old man Hunter Thompson who wrote once was right: It is heavy to understand history, from - for all shit, ponapisanny hired people. But even in the absence of confidence in this history, probably, it makes sense to say that again and again, energy of the whole generation is discharged in long beautiful flash, for the reasons, obscure at that moment, and to the reasons which never to explain after .