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How to decorate the house by New year of

New year already close, current it is lazy prepares for delegation of power to the young successor. If to listen, then in frosty morning air dissatisfied grunting of the expiring year is continually distributed. Everything speaks about the future holidays around. For the remained New Year`s Eve days it is necessary to try that impossible became possible and, having got up courage, to create the atmosphere of a holiday in the apartment.

Of course, in the absence of time or desire to be engaged in an embellishment, it is possible to buy an artificial fir-tree or a set of wall jewelry. But if to reflect, we love New year not only for peal of bells or splashes of champagne, and and for holiday cares. If you are ready to spend several hours for decoration of the monastery, then attentively read further.

Bought a live fir-tree? And that we in the answer for those who were tamed did not forget? It is simple to put the forest guest in a special support (or a bucket with water) insufficiently. Treat her with special cocktail: for this purpose dissolve 1 tablet of aspirin, a pinch of salt and a spoon of sugar in water (aspirin the antiseptics, salt and sugar - food plays a role). In process of decrease of cocktail do not forget it to add. As a token of gratitude the fir-tree will please you with the presence much longer (who refuses a free food presently?) .

It is natural that you will not leave a fir-tree without festive attire. There are one thousand options as to dress up it. Beautifully the fir-tree decorated in some one color scale looks. For example, red spheres, red tinsel, red bows you Want

that your fir-tree looked haute couture ? Then you need to show a little imagination (only do not forget about sense of taste) and to decorate a fir-tree with at all objects which are not suitable, at first sight, connected, for example, with your hobby. You are the Music lover ? Then let your fir-tree rejoices on itself yours a compact - disks, vinyl records, audio of the cartridge. Sweet tooth ? Then the forest beauty can be dressed up in the spirit of old times - big chocolates, sweet Christmas canes, chocolate figures, a chupa - the chupsa, nutlets which are wrapped up by a foil. Inveterate alcoholic ? Then safely you can decorate a fir-tree directly in the course of celebration! For this purpose the tin jars, plastic bottles and glasses, glass wine glasses suspended for a leg will approach. Also as Christmas-tree decorations it is possible to use glass bottles, it is only better to hang up them on the lower, strong branches. But even if you consider that the fir-tree has to look traditionally, remember that you should not overload it with bulky jewelry.

Decided to do without fir-tree? Then decorate the apartment by means of fir-tree branches or tinsel.

If there is a lot of branches, but they look modestly, it is possible to twist Christmas wreaths. At first we choose several longest branches and we twist them in the form of a ring, we fix by a thin wire or strong threads. Gradually we increase a wreath to the necessary thickness, adding new branches, at the same time, without forgetting to fasten them to the basis. The ready wreath can be decorated to the taste. But it is better to use moisture-proof materials as the wreath will need to be sprayed from time to time water that the needles did not fall down the next day.

A good way to receive winter mood, without leaving the apartment, is an artificial snow. To feel the creator of the Universe, take a fir-tree branch and lower it in hot, saturated hydrochloric solution. In this solution leave a branch for the night, in the morning take out and dry up (and it is not obligatory to do it by means of the hair dryer at all). Water will evaporate, and on needles there will be white crystals of salt similar to snow.

Tinsel can be wound on a wire, and then to give it any original form. Thus it is possible to make a small fir-tree.

You want to add romanticism and heat? Fire will perfectly cope with it. But we will not order quickly fireplaces and we will try to manage ordinary candles. You do not know where it is better to place them? The simplest option is a New Year`s table: put one high candle in New Year`s a candlestick, or several candles of different height standing closely to each other, having applied instead of a candlestick any dish (naturally, not culinary).

Candles can be placed in a case with glass doors. Flame patches of light on glass look especially beautifully if a back wall of a case mirror. But such candles cannot be left long unguarded, it is periodically necessary to cut a match. As shows experience if the flame is too big, glass can burst.

If a candle very big and thick, add a little exotic: around a candle it is twisted rain and to it tiny Christmas tree decorations fasten. However, it is recommended to light such candle for a while.

There now, the apartment was decorated, the spirit of a holiday was experienced. Remained absolutely slightly - slightly: to add aroma of tangerines, champagne splashes, herring under a " fur coat; " Russian salad; and everything that personally at you is associated with New Year`s holidays.

Beautiful to you New year!