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Meow, meow - kittens complained.

Murr murrr - Mother - messes, already late admonished them. It is time for children to sleep .

Meow, meow! - kittens did not calm down - we want the fairy tale .

Horrrosho! Moore - messes, close eyes and listen .

Is careful having tucked in blankets, Mother began the story.

In some kingdom, in the Murmurovy state once upon a time there were independent, proud and beautiful cats.

Operated the country the fair, kind and wise tsar Kotofey 1, the queen Kotofeya and the sonny Kotofeychik.

the Cat`s people worked wonderfully well. But on holidays had a rest and had fun heartily. everything would be good

I and from all directions they were surrounded by the spiteful Krysyashchy tribe.

They, without knowing rest, sharpened teeth; possession made the way secretly in Murmurovy and dragged off cubs in slavery.

Especially furious were the tsar Krysishche, the queen Krysishcha and a tsaryova the aunt Shukhsha.

the Aunt assured that murmurdovets on holidays prepare shish kebabs from infant rats and that they eat on weekdays behind closed doors, it is only possible to guess.

In vain Kotofey1 sent to them messengers with explanations that Murmurdiya - the vegetarian country. The people watch over the health and beauty and eat only carrot and a smetanka.

And we are not vegetarians! - spiteful rats shcheritsya and threw tails of unfortunate messengers in Murmurdiya.

Seemed, war is inevitable. But Kotofey hesitated. He was the peace tsar and did not want war.

A of a rat too only threatened. They understood that cats are larger, stronger. Who will win war, it was clear to them.

A, meanwhile, events developed here is how.

Appears, in magnificent chambers here two years live in the palace the best friends of Kotofeychik - the brother Krys and the little sister Krysya.

silly adults are at enmity, and children are on friendly terms and together play.

However, so best of all?

Kotofeychik more than once in the dead of night secretly made the way on kitchen.

This fat fat cat of Povarishche bakes such tasty cakes that you will not fall asleep in any way, will not fill puziko to a dump yet. one of such campaigns he also met by

B infant rats.

Kotofeychik shamed them: Indecently and unhygienically to select crumbs from a floor.

Shared with them cake and invited the nursery to play.

is two years of Krys Since then and Krysya live in the Kotofeychevy room, sleep on a padded stool, having covered silk with a kerchief. they only Trust

Kotofeychika. They are afraid of other cats and avoid. the Tsar Kotofey and the queen Kotofeya, of course, knew

about this touching friendship. On that they and parents.

I still they hoped that, having matured, infant rats, will be able to convince the relatives of peaceful intentions of Murmurdiya. But everything was allowed

much earlier.

huge black Krysishche made the way at Deaf dark night to Kotofeychik`s room. He wanted to drag off the tsarevitch in rat possession and to force Murmurdiya to capitulate. Krysishche`s

already hung over Kotofeychik`s bed, but blocked a way to it brave Krys and Krysya. They peeped, squealed and bit huge Krysishcha.

the Become stupid and amazed Krysishche learned in the attacked beloved children whom he as mourned two years.

You were not eaten here? And that we swore to revenge for you.

No, is not present - infant rats began to squeak, here love us and indulge, especially Kotofeychik. He is our friend .

Woken the sweet tooth stretched to Krysishchu unfinished cake. Help yourself! You, probably, are hungry? Speak, your storerooms are empty and in your possession of a sphere drive . Having sated

, Krysishche softened and became kinder. Laid down on other padded stool and overslept till the morning.

A Kotofeychika to it asked to arrange a meeting with Murmurdiya`s tsar in the morning. At this meeting they signed with

the treaty of friendship.

, it is much cleverer and better, than quarrels and wars.

We will be on friendly terms with infant rats too. And we will begin to eat carrot and " cakes; - drowsily children murmured and fell asleep. They dreamed a swing.

They fly up to the sky, and on wind magnificent cat`s tails and thin ridiculous pigtails flutter.