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What actress was considered as the most beautiful sphinx Hollywood?

In my opinion, awfully silly continually to be included in newspapers. Any who well does the part has the right for private life G. Garbo`s

Greta Garbo by right was considered as

not only one of the best actresses, but also the most beautiful woman of the 20th century. Her appearance did not correspond to parameters of those times: it had thin and sharp features, big shoulders, narrow hips. It kept always gracefully and gracefully, it was so unapproachable and reserved that she was nicknamed a sphinx. At her legs all Hollywood lay!

Greta Louise Gustafsson was born on September 18, 1905 in a poor Swedish family in Stockholm. She was the third child in a family where funds for training of children got with great difficulty. When Greta was 14 years old, the father died, and she had to give up study and to go to work.

The girl got a job in haberdashery in department of hats. There also its first shooting took place. For advertizing of new goods very young and nice girls were required, and the management did not want to be spent on expensive models. The shop assistant ordinary-looking at first sight on shots of a film turned into the shining and attractive girl. So 15 - summer Greta was seen for the first time by the director Maurice Stiller, famous in the country. He made out future actress in the very young and chubby shop assistant and suggested to act. Maurice taught the girl how to play and give himself to public, trained in some manners and suggested to change not sonorous surname of Gustafsson to Garbo.

In 1925 Stiller received the offer from Hollywood and took the beginning actress with himself, but under the contract he had to remove already famous actors. So he lost the Garbo and died in obscurity. Greta appeared one, in the unfamiliar country. Long months it went to tests until it was approved at last for one of roles. After picture Stream came out, Greta Garbo woke up well-known. Later other movies and million contracts followed. The Swedish peasant turned into the goddess of Hollywood.

Greta managed to force to work for herself all. If something was it not to liking, it just spoke It seems, I come back to Sweden and at once everything rose on places necessary to it. It was extremely reserved person, she did not like to give interview and to be photographed, avoided attention of admirers and did not take out to sign autographs. However its vital callousness and severity vanished as soon as directed a chamber lens to it. On the screen it could represent any emotion even without rehearsal, her heroines were open and seductive, sensual and passionate.

When the silent cinema found voices, many actors had to forget about the career, but Greta sustained. Its low and a little gruffish voice perfectly supplemented its image.

With its unusual beauty Greta could tempt any man. Its first Hollywood novel was with the actor John Gilbert. Next day after acquaintance she already moved to it. Gilbret it was struck by beauty and a spontaneity of this woman. He even constructed a small cottage where Greta could retire from public eyes near the house. Even John needed permission to cross a threshold of this house. After several months of cohabitation, Garbo, at last, accepted Gilbert`s proposal to become his wife, but ran away a day before a wedding, without explaining anybody the reason.

You heat attributed affairs with many celebrated personalities and not really. Rumors about its communication with a certain script writer Mercedes D`Akosta, known for the any more stsenaristsky abilities, but lesbian bents and communications with many women of Hollywood went.

After the unsuccessful picture Two-faced woman at the peak of the career Garbo leaves Hollywood, having told at parting only: I want to be alone . Believe that Greta just did not want to show the old age. It was important for it that it was remembered young and beautiful. So in 36 years she was locked in New - the York apartment and, according to maids, did not leave it.

However in 1946 after 14 years of acquaintance at Greta the love story with the photographer Cecil Biton was begun. She for the first time shared the feelings and experiences with it. It was the first and the last, to a lump Garbo dared to open. Cecil persuaded Greta to take a series of pictures where presented to Garbo still beautiful and young. But later published them in Vog as served as the end of their relations. As he only begged for forgiveness, but Greta was unapproachable. Only before Biton`s death they reconciled.

Nobody knows, than Greta Garbo all years of the solitary life was engaged. It disappeared under an assumed name of Ms. Garrijett Braun and avoided to appear on public. Greta died on April 15, 1990, having left all the state to the niece and bequeathed to bury herself in the homeland.

But even after death it did not change itself. In day of the appointed funeral the niece on unprecedented even to her to the reasons suddenly changed the mind and postponed a ceremony. So the public which came to say goodbye to the favourite actress was left with nothing. And Greta Garbo was buried next day, without public eyes.