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What to prepare from a petiolar celery? Freshness and advantage in one bottle

As the one who does not love a celery robs himself! About this miracle of the nature it is not enough to tell that it is useful and tasty that in 100 of its grams of only 8 calories. The celery goes to food completely - from roots to leaves. The smell of a celery pours in me in new forces, gives a charge of cheerfulness and energy. Why our summer residents and gardeners ignore the this wonderful gift of the earth? Why it is necessary to buy it only in a supermarket which is carefully grown up in the warm countries?

Once having tried hardly anyone - that will be able to remain indifferent to this green gift of the mother - the nature. How to use a celery root - there are recipes in the Culinary treasury. I already published the most treasured recipe with use of leaves of a celery - it is Erotic " tomatoes;.

Today it will be a question of a scape, a celery stalk - the most juicy green component of the most tasty fruit.

At me always in the refrigerator this elastic sheaf I add it everywhere - from first courses before various saltings, garnishes and snack. Try to crumble at the very end of cooking of borsch or beetroot soup swept a celery scape, very little, - and you right there will hear notes of cheerfulness and freshness. As if the second wind will find your habitual dish.

For some holiday prepared snack from a herring. When tried - it was terrified: the herring was bitterly - salty. Even the soaking in milk and tea did not yield the result. To run for the new big fish was already once, and I decided on experiment - crumbled pieces of a petiolar celery in snack. The dish was rescued. The new accent impacted to snack unusual relish and aroma. From a rich table guests asked the recipe only of this fresh snack from a herring A small stroke - unusual result.

Here three recipes from a house moneybox with application of a petiolar celery.

" Energy drink; Love Tomato

to add juice from two scapes of a celery To a glass of tomato juice, several pieces of chipped ice, a little salts - and tonic is ready. The morning glass of such drink will give to cheerfulness for all day.

Beetroot soup with a celery Whisk

is Cleaned by intestines on five with plus. I cook according to this recipe as vegetarian beetroot soup, and on meat broth. Boiled beet I rub on a grater, small I cut two - three scapes of a celery. On weight beet and a celery have to be in equal quantities. I fry a celery with small cut onions. It is possible to add one - two potatoes and greens of parsley.

I put all vegetables in meat or vegetable broth as soon as potato is ready - I switch off. I give with sour cream. Magnificent first course. Easy and nourishing at the same time.

Salad vegetable Celery plus

All charm of this recipe that it is possible to include all vegetables what you have in structure of salad. Plus small cut celery scape. I always cook such salads in the portions - for each eater in a separate salad bowl. I cut fresh cucumbers, tomatoes, the Beijing or white cabbage, I put a gorochka of sweet corn from a jar, from above - a celery. Gas station can be any - to whom what is pleasant - from vinegar with olive oil to sour cream or mayonnaise.

The most important - not to go too far in quantity. The celery possesses very powerful taste and can muffle all other seasonings and spices. I remember how many troubles the guest who ate the whole three-liter jar of my erotic tomatoes caused me. So they were pleasant to it. However the stomach could not accept such quantity of fragrant tomatoes. He was not on friendly terms with a celery still very long In everything the measure is good

. And the petiolar celery will very quickly teach to observe it. Make an incision an elastic stalk, you feel what the smell went? Mmm!