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What is a dream - a grass? A fluffy miracle of spring

Only - snow only thawed, the wood slowly wakes up from a long winter dream, and here on the earth wonderful gentle fluffy butonchik appear. In a week - another they will turn into charming flowers with the hung heads of bewitching violet color, with the fantastic name a dream - a grass .

A lumbago - the perennial plant up to 40 cm high, belongs to family lyutikovy and to the sort of the same name. This sort includes several tens species of the plants having coloring of white, blue and violet flowers depending on specific accessory. The lumbago opened is most extended in a midland of Russia by . About it today the speech will also go.

These lilac flowers prefer dry solar sites of pineries and the deciduous woods, easy sandy soils and slopes. Unfortunately, the lumbago included in the Red List meets more and more seldom. It blossoms only 2 - 4 weeks, from the middle of April to the middle of May. Leaves of the lumbago opened grow after tsvetonos and remain to the late fall. The seeds ripening in July are collected in a fruit, peculiar ball consisting of long whitish hairs. By the way, in recent years the lumbago is cultivated on personal plots, it with success is grown up from seeds.

Attention: any kind of a lumbago - is poisonous . Not incidentally in the ancient time it was used only by the most skilled sorcerers. Was considered that a dream - the grass possesses the bactericidal, antifungal, calming action. Infusions and broths from a dried lumbago treated asthma, bronchitis, migraine, neuralgia, osteochondrosis, gout, rheumatism, tuberculosis, itch, eczema, gynecologic diseases. It is important to be careful of hit on skin of its juice which can cause strong irritation. By the way, when drying a plant toxic agents disappear.

The mass of national signs and beliefs is connected with this rather charming plant. A dream - a grass , a dream - a potion , a lumbago , dream book , a sonchik , a baize , the sleepiness , a razlapushnik , a one-month , a cow hand bell , an easter flower vetrotsvt , , a subsnow tulip - is so fantastic - lovely call this plant.

Here, for example, as explains one of names an ancient legend . Once in immemorial times the demon was behind wide leaves of this plant. Saint Michael the Archangel pursuing it fired in it an arrow of a lightning which and shot the plant, why leaves turned into narrow strips. Since that minute all evil spirits do not dare and to come nearer to a dream - a grass. And the lumbago began to be considered not only as a charm from any sorcery and an evil eye, but also a symbol of the victorious weapon. Its juice even processed a spear to drive away dark force. Besides believed that the flower which escaped on heavenly fire promotes healing of the wounds got in battles.

Other name of this plant - a dream - a grass - too it is fanned by secrets. On the most widespread belief, the hunter who once saw in the wood of a bear who dug out a root of this plant of the earth so called it licked it and fell asleep. Here probably somnolent action plants means. And of course, it sleepy the name comes true appearance of a flower: wrapped up with fluffy hairs, with the inclined head, it casts serenity, helps to forget about problems and to find feeling of a pacification.

A dream - the grass was considered as as a magic plant . Believed that fallen asleep in it it will be blessed with the gift of anticipation. The dream - the grass collected early in the morning, on dew, and lain in cold water to a full moon has special potential. If then for the night to put it under a pillow, then the prophetic dream by all means will dream. Said that in the wood it is necessary to follow a sleepiness only with pure thoughts. To pick a flower advised in silence, making at the same time the most treasured wish. And dried a dream - the grass promoted rich happy life.

The Small jug blue and fluffy with its shaggy small stalk as Alexey Tolstoy described this charming plant, it is created only for contemplation. It is so pleasant: to find the most mysterious flower of spring in the fresh cool wood, to admire it and to dream...