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When celebrate the Day of cakes?

Whether you Love cakes, dear readers and colleagues? - I will ask you a rhetorical question. And rhetorical question as it is known is that which in itself already assumes the answer. And this answer, of course, behind the most rare exception, will sound as Yes - and!!!

Well, then I have for you a remarkable news! Today is possible and is necessary there are cakes! It is a lot of - many cakes! And to one and all! And that who on diets and hunger strikes; both old, and small, and thick, and thin; both healthy, and sick - today it is possible for all with a clear conscience to be torn by the " cakes;!

It is possible to allow himself such mad trick because today - Day of cakes! And it does not matter that traditionally Icelanders began first to celebrate this day and Danes - an innovation quickly picked up across all Europe. Here and to us not a sin would be to join to sweet campaign .

Tasty this tradition was delivered in the 19th century to Iceland from Denmark. In days before the Lent was earlier the universal rule to arrange plentiful feasts and feasts. However the counter of the newcomer of custom consisted in consumption of a special type of the cakes filled with whipped cream and watered with glaze and was accepted on hurrah not only sweet teeth, and and local bakers who thought at once as far as to them this holiday will be favorable.

For children festive morning of Day of cakes had to begin with the fact that they, having risen a bit earlier and having armed with the decorated clownish switch, began to awake parents, crying out at the same time bollur! bollur! (name of cakes). What is interesting, initially it had to look as castigation of itself Perhaps, the tradition is turned to the Passion of the Christ or maybe originates in pagan rite of awakening of forces of nature. But now it is only a national entertainment which won the hearts of people.

How many time will be cried out terrible by the gourmand with a switch of the name of cakes, it is so much them and will receive. Then children went to streets where they were necessary to march under own loud singing and to come into bakeries and candy stores, earning to there jokes and verses sweet livelihood . For pig-headed confectioners phrases of type were prepared in advance: here honor children! So it was moved that the fresh tasty " cakes; bollur appear in bakeries some days before a holiday now - on pleasure not only to children, but also all sweet teeth.

I think, any hostess at least once in the life cooked delightful airy cakes with a custard or with whipped cream, under the name eclair . So can, we will remember how we did it and we will please the relatives? Recipes eclairs at us in To School of life it is possible to find without effort, and I will share with you another, not less smart, the recipe.

As I very much am afraid of excess calories, me to liking here such yogurt cakes, remarkable the ease as in direct, and figuratively, and that they turn out very gentle and are especially recommended to Thumbelinas to ballerinas and all elfopodobny transparent to beings with a wasp waist!

These cakes besides are useful, thanking tvorozhno - a yogurt stuffing. Well, slobbers began to flow?! Here retseptik it shermann .

" cakes; Elf Ingredients

Sugar - 1 Art.

Flour - 90 g

of Egg - 3 pieces

Cottage cheese - 175 g

Yoghurt of average fat content - 400 g

butter - 1/5 packs (40 - 50 g) of

Gelatin - 16 g

Cream - 250 g

Orange - 2 pieces


of Egg together with 0,5 Art. of sugar to bring down

the mixer in dense foam.

Butter to kindle, cool, then to pour in egg foam, to pour out there flour and to mix carefully. To pour out dough on the baking sheet which is laid out by paper for pastries - a thin layer. To bake in the oven warmed to 200 degrees within 20 minutes.

Orange to wash and clear; on a small grater to rub an orange dried peel, and so far it is useful to lay orange - it to us still. Gelatin to fill in 0,5 Art. of water and to allow to be drawn 30 minutes at the room temperature. In 30 minutes surplus of water from gelatin to remove and warm it on small fire that all grains dispersed.

Cottage cheese, a half-glass of sugar, carefully to mix yogurt and a dried peel of orange before receiving homogeneous mass. In prepared tvorozhno - yogurt weight to pour out gelatin, again carefully to mix and put weight in the refrigerator for 30 minutes. Properly to shake up cream the mixer and to add to curds. To divide orange into segments, to clear of films, to knife segments sharp in length at 3 parts. On a bottom of a glass or cup to put the cut orange segments, to lay out from above tvorozhno - yogurt weight and to put in the refrigerator for 3 hours.

The same cups to cut out circles of the same diameter from biscuit cake layer and to lay out in cups with a dessert on cream. Cups to take couple of seconds in warm water and to turn. By the way, as forms it is possible to use small liqueur glasses. Please the children! Preparation time of 50 minutes + hardening.

And still little advice: do both these cakes, and eclairs of the small size, pass and then, how many you ate, at you the pleasant feeling will be valid that you with all the heart were torn by the " cakes;! Will last till the next year - till the next Day of cakes!