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When cancel USE? Answer: never.

So I answered at PTA meeting in the tenth class even in the fall where I came as mother of the daughter. And in December the law according to which USE becomes a uniform form of final assessment of graduates of high schools and reception of entrants in higher education institutions in all territory of Russia was signed. So this year children will take two obligatory examinations, as well as was, and a little for choice.

Obligatory - Russian and mathematics, will influence the certificate only these two subjects, and the additional certificate on the unified state examination where points are not recalculated in usual estimates will be put to the certificate, it will be required only for entering higher education institutions. How many additional examinations to take - business of the graduate, it is possible to hand over only two obligatory without which will not issue the certificate, all fourteen though higher education institutions will demand only four, on specialist subjects is possible. That is, there are you to technical college, has to hand over physics and informatics, go in medical - chemistry and biology, go in humanitarian - history and foreign. (It approximately, everything it is necessary to specify in the higher education institution.)

If you are not sure of the level of the knowledge of physics, then can try in liberal arts college, t. e to take at least 4 optional examinations: it did not turn out to arrive in prestigious Bauman by results of physics and informatics, can it will turn out to arrive by results of USE on department of history of teacher`s college. I want to offend and advertize nobody, it I for an example. So choice of future entrant: to prepare only for two optional examinations, but thoroughly, or it is superficial, to 4 - 6, suddenly these estimates will be useful.

Most of teachers whom I had to hear, against uniform examinations. And they are not pleasant to many parents. Teachers refer to the fact that children get a stress as they have to take examination not at native school, and somewhere in the unfamiliar place where there will be no familiar face. Parents just got used that they during traditional examinations of the teacher help pupils. And very few people see pluses. And why? Teachers can be understood, many of them say that the level of knowledge of children all are lower and lower, and estimates all are higher. It is favorable to schools to overestimate estimates. Actual level of knowledge of school students shows USE. And then, not a secret that there are a lot of teachers cannot cope with tasks for five points and therefore it is difficult for them to prepare pupils qualitatively.

I address parents and children: it is not necessary to be afraid. Examination in each subject consists of questions and tasks of three types: And - tasks in which it is necessary to choose one answer from four offered (just tick off in one window), In - tasks with the free answer in a short form (it is necessary to write number or the word); With - tasks with the developed free answer (verbal justification, a mathematical conclusion etc. is necessary) .

For receiving three it is rather correct to perform about 60% of tasks from the first part of the USE test. That is everyone for itself(himself) will define how many tasks to carry out and from what part, depending on abilities and knowledge. Another thing is that the main estimates in 2008 of " steel; three that is results were much lower than if children took traditional examinations. But maybe, it is simple on a mirror of a nech to expostulate ?. Moreover, the other day teachers of one prestigious higher education institution, the physicist - the mathematical school of which is attended by my daughter, in private conversation told me that tasks, in their opinion, will become simpler because there are too much two.

Me this type of examination is pleasant also to those that in it there are too much tasks. It is a lot of what to solve completely and it is not possible to get all hundred points simply. Remember how often we were lucky or, on the contrary, it was not lucky at examinations when the only learned ticket or the only unlearned could get. Here you are free what tasks to carry out, you decide only what you can cope with. If only not to become puzzled. And this already another matter, but when we were entrants, we had to take examinations not only in others walls, but also in others cities. And now it will be possible to send to all higher education institutions where they were copies of documents by mail and to quietly wait for results: whether you will be able to arrive with your data on the chosen faculty. Not in one, so in other higher education institution you will be taken.

So, it is plus in my opinion, there is enough:

1. Prepare for USE of children two years if you are not sure that teachers at school will be able to cope with it, send children on courses at higher education institution, to schools at higher education institutions. I know on own daughter: there is a worthy training. Only do not think that will be able to prepare for examination in two months, it will be just a whip-round.

2. Not to pass examination, it was necessary the full layman.

3. You have a choice: what to decide how many to solve for what assessment to apply.

4. At present graduates the whole summer is free, right after a graduation party they need only to wait till August when they are told where they could arrive.

And now about shortcomings.

In our country there will always be a way everything to make in the illegal way. This year in Tataria scandal from - for the fact that the group of teachers performed tasks at examination ran high and transferred by some image of the decision to children. I do not think that it is the only case. It is the only case which became known, moreover, on the TV showed how parents sympathize with both teachers, and the director. At us persistent rumors go, I emphasize, rumors, I cannot call any surname because I there never was and with own eyes saw nothing that some pupils are brought by leaflets with decisions. Teachers who are present there, naturally, are silent as all this becomes from blessing from above. The second way to deceive: children leave in a toilet, call the teacher, give tasks, in a few minutes the teacher has to report the decision. The only condition, at the teacher not many pupils have to take this examination to manage to help all.

It is those cunnings about which I learned personally. I think that there are also others.

So to all graduates in a kind way.