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Downshifting in Russian - whim or real requirement of soul?

A few years ago on pages business - the press appeared a new word downshifting . What does it mean?

Word downshifting comes from the English down shifting - to go down . Downshifters call people who consciously refuse a solid position and a high salary in favor of house evenings, work - a hobby, Saturday on country beds or emigration in Goa - each to their own.

Such people are called still escapists, from the English escape - flight . For the first time term downshifting was published in 1994 in article of a nu - York Trends Research Institute in Gerald Celente. It became the widespread phenomenon in Britain, Australia and the USA (as Wikipedia testifies).

Some time is the phenomenon was inherent only in the western business. Race on a survival among white collars aspiration to do career and to worship dollar, characterizing yuppie 80 - 90 - x years, it was replaced by the opposite relation. The phenomenon which arose in the West in the countries tired capitalism apparently, should not have struck young and fervent newly-baked kapitalizm of the countries of the former socialist block. However over time downshifting removed also on open spaces of the former CIS. Strange? It would be desirable to consider a phenomenon in more detail.

Western downshifting was born more likely as a protest of generations. Grandsons of hippie, the yuppie`s children - here a basis of the western downshifting. The generation growing in corpulent years is interested in career and financial affairs less. It is boring and heavy. Besides, features of creation of career in the large western companies absolutely contradict a possibility of self-expression. Standard office, dress - the code, obligatory following of the instruction and impossibility to show an initiative level the identity of the employee, reducing to naked functionality.

Feature rossiyky downshifting is that, on the one hand, the western fruits of the organization of business fell to the unprepared soil of mentality. It caused rapid growth " corporations; diligently copying the western management style. Unfortunately, at us quite often work according to a saying where peasants, there and monkey . As a result at external similarity of a form the content of corporate culture sometimes was perverted to opposite.

How carriers of such culture look as a result, Minayev in " not bad showed; Duhless . There in the final everything comes to an end with downshifting too. Only in the Russian style. In style of the Russian revolts - senseless and ruthless . Our people lately even more often leave in nature in church or sect, in hard drinking or drugs. Happens, as die.

Russia, as well as other CIS countries, has two generations of downshifters. The first are we. Forty - forty-five-year-old, those who built capitalism who had to give birth and raise children in a situation at first the state will take care of you and then be removed . This generation of builders of capitalism endured demolition of mental sets and ideologies with collectivist whole world, one for all and all for one to individualist everyone for .

But external installations and deep, subconscious - two big differences. Having run behind bright toys of the western way of life, we tried to cross out those mothers of installation absorbed with milk who, actually, our mentality and are. An, did not leave.

It is more and more moikhznakomy even more often complain that life turned into the conveyor on getting and expenditure of money. Absolutely senseless and devouring life. And there is not a lot of it at many remained. Corroded stresses, the hard work which was more resembling at the beginning of 90 - x on fight for a survival, organisms of people do not maintain. Heart attacks, strokes, alcoholism are mown by ranks of leaders of a kaptrud. Less the next acquisition pleases. Gorged on. It is time and to think of soul. And from large corporations our generation which regarded freedom as of paramount importance and got this liberty, is naturally torn away. Because just does not fit into a framework. Yes, if it is honest, and to fit in does not pull.

At youth which grew already in more - less full society, troubles others. The first - unwillingness to work in principle. Or unwillingness to work at the employer`s conditions. The parasitic way of life is supported with continuous suggestions from entertaining " projects; in which need of work or career are not expressed in any way. Already mentioned management style big businesses guided by the West, demands Protestant ethics from the employees. And at our youth ethics were created (our efforts, I do not argue) absolutely eclectic, absolutely amorphous. In general expressed in the phrase and to us all the same .

I want to describe the second, and very interesting phenomenon in youth downshifting on the example of one my acquaintance. Having gone on a visit to Cherkasy and having seen the museum of the Ukrainian bench hammers, the guy " there; like to impossibility and, having thrown all affairs, having bought threads and a tambour, sat down to embroider. In plans - opening of the public organization keeping heritage, release of the book etc. Such discoveries of examples of not mass culture are made now by many young people. And in a root change a field of activity.

What is downshifting in Russian? Revolt? Leaving? Protest or return to the accounting of requirements not only bodies, but also souls? Who knows...