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Artificial reason: whether it is necessary to mankind?

So shouting heading hide under itself available, but quite extraordinary essence - what was predicted and what our ancestors were afraid of, came true outside an our outlook for a long time. The artificial reason is created. Not tomorrow, not the day after tomorrow, and already yesterday.

Strangely enough, there is no merit in it very secret military, either the leading minds of the planet, or result of new technologies. Of course, it is impossible to deny - all this (as well as many other things) promoted creation of artificial intelligence, but only in some part.

The artificial reason is created: both I, and you already am its components. What is it? The plot is simple - it is the Network. From capital letter because it stopped being something rigidly certain within. In it there was more life.

Web brought life in the Network - it became the place of communication not only computer programs and interfaces.

Web 2. 0 the network socialized, positioning it first of all as a platform of human communication.

Such banality as the school paper on the Internet in 90% of cases begins with the phrase which sense shortly consists that now life without the Internet is inconceivable . No, it is not impossible, namely is inconceivable.

Look around. What the firm which has no website is? In the invoice in the field phone is written safely by e - mail. Teenagers write by mobile phones more, than speak - and exchange not so telephone numbers. With morning coffee you read a news feed, begin the working day with pressing of the Power button. Phrase there is no Internet as earlier there is no light at last finishes the prolonged working day. You come home and with the words at last I will have a rest you take seat for the computer

of Web erased borders, but everything inevitably moves to the fact that the phrase to be connected to the " network; becomes almost physically notable, physically real. But (quietly, ladies and gentlemen!) any Matrix, any fantasy. We connect computers to cables, and views to monitors and we obtain information. Just like that?

At all not. We give the time, the attention, the health and, the most important, the thoughts, turning into effective or not especially qualitative appendage of the Network. We fill the Network with information and ourselves.

But anyway, participating in public life, re-reading RSS, leaving comments in blogs, typing in the search box a line, we become small resources in all-consuming system which nobody ever programmed. Web lives and develops under the laws, she imposes us styles and styles of behavior. She teaches us to get used to herself because sooner or later its interaction with our life will become absolute.

There is no difference already now. More than 70% of posts of a bespola, a bezrasova, are unemotional. Mezhsaytovy borders are eaten by introduction of the names OpenID, the persons Gravatar. Comments are faceless. Anonymity falls under pressure of social networks. All of us begin to live and think as a single whole. As one big artificial reason.

For a long time do not connect to the Web, for a long time do not use the Network. It uses us, satisfying our inquiries, answering our questions, granting our requests and desires.

Already today the Network knows answers to the most important questions. Enter searching What`s the big idea? and, about a miracle, the Network will not tell you anything indistinct. Yes, so far she only refers to answers, but gradually copyrights will be eaten by time, and the Network will answer us.

What will be Web 3. 0, it is authentically unknown, but what probability that to whom will think of it?