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How to write the interesting story?

How to write stories, are known by all writers. Moreover, they write them! And in large quantities. Every day on the Internet the set of new opuses appears. The majority of stories are similar at each other as twins are brothers. Are similar the fact that in them there is no novelty. Any tailor knows that it is impossible to sew identical dresses for women. There will be a scandal, tears and, as a result, lack of new stories. Oh, I`m sorry, orders. Such feeling that authors work in the conditions of a socialist planned economy. Shaft, shaft, and once again shaft.

Any beginning author wants that his creation was at once published and received an assessment of reader`s audience. It is desirable, positive. And the story still very crude, a plot muffled, characters of heroes are not registered, style clumsy and other, other, other...

No, of course, the literary websites allow to be improved in literary skill. It earlier, during a dointernetovsky era, it was almost impossible to receive a comment on the works. Now - today published, tomorrow already abuse. Beauty.

But the speech not about it. The beginning author (veterans of netliterature it is senseless to learn, all know) can prompt how to avoid mistakes at the beginning of their career. Forgive, My God, for stilted style.

So how to write the interesting story.

In - the first, for whom interesting? You will tell, of course, for the reader. Also you will not be right at all. Reader`s weight is so diverse that to satisfy all crowd there is no opportunity. It is necessary to look for the reader. This madly difficult occupation. Time is necessary. Year, two, maybe, all life will leave on searches. Therefore it is necessary to write for himself. Yes, yes. For favourite.

No, of course, if you want to achieve commercial success, this council sounds very silly. All commercially successful authors work at the conveyor. There is a certain set of stamps, the limited contingent literary Blacks and the new detective already in the press. If your purpose - to earn money in a literary field, further you can not read. The others - write for yourself and to you it will be rendered.

Most of the beginning writers works in a fantasy genre. Or fantasy. Really, in these genres to work rather easily. Starprobe vehicles, newcomers, dragons. Write what you want. Paper will endure. Whether the reader, other question will endure. Try to write the story about life of the Russian village of the end of the 19th century. Or about experiences of Protestants after the Massacre of St. Bartholomew. It is madly difficult. You do not know either details of life, or a concrete historical situation. To tell honestly, you know nothing. Therefore you go to the world of a fantasy, the world of hobbits, elves and vampires from Cleo`s planet. The fantasy, thus, plays an important role of a settler of literary talents. However, will be enough to pour water on a self-published mill, it is time to pass to business.

your story will be interesting to the reader in the presence in it three factors. It: intrigue, style, innuendo.


the Story without plot - all the same that the car without engine. To think up something brand new, original it is almost impossible. The previous generations of writers spoiled so that modern writers should use scraps from their table. There are authors who consider that a plot - business minor. As if the story can be extended only due to good style. Also the description of the nature on half-pages, breaths, exhalations of the main character and an other crap begins. Already all readers in a coma, and the author scribbles everything and scribbles. For whom only, unclear. The intrigue is necessary. The quicker it will be shown, the it is more than chances to attract the reader. The intrigue has to develop gradually. The reader needs to be kept in constant suspense. Derivations from a plot for the description of beauty of the nature, experiences of heroes, of course, are necessary. But in moderate quantity.


No plot will rescue your story if it is written in clumsy language. The reader is ready to forgive grammatical mistakes, lack of commas and incorrectly issued direct speech. But he will never read the text written at the level of the composition in the tenth class. To teach it is impossible to write stylishly. With this talent it is necessary to be born. But. It is necessary to put himself to the place of the reader and to think after what paragraph he will close the file with your opus. In most cases, after the first.

The beginning author should buy the textbook on advertizing. There it is perfectly written how to compose texts. The world of advertizing is very cruel. Already the first offer has to cause interest of the potential consumer of production. Any paragraph has to come to an end so that interest appeared to read further. The reader - the same consumer. Only you have to force it not to buy means for sweating or new tights, and to read your work. To force. Not to ask, not to beg: - The uncle, read that I scribbled there, - and to force. By means of the talent, certainly.


This section the most difficult for the beginning author. The innuendo distinguishes talented work from ingenious. If the reader, having closed the book, continues to think of destinies of heroes, to conjecture their acts, to compare some facts of the biography with destiny of heroes, so the author hit the nail and his work has the right for existence.

And in end. Force the reader to laugh at first, then to cry, then again to laugh. In such sequence. And you will become new Chekhov. Or good advertizing agent. Here to whom as will carry.