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How to spend time on the Internet it is effective?

Probably, you noticed that one people, using the Internet, do not spend on it a lot of time, and others literally live in a network? What people on the Internet are engaged in and how to get rid from the Internet - dependences? How effectively to use time which you spend on the Internet?

Now very few people will begin to doubt Internet advantages. However if to learn it is correct to use the Internet, then the advantage of it can become just huge. But, unfortunately, often people use the Internet more likely to themselves to the detriment, than for the good, even without realizing it. Staying for days in the Internet, they aimlessly spend precious time which could be devoted to more interesting and pleasant occupations, and, without understanding that, do harm to the health.

So, than people on the Internet are engaged and how to learn to use time spent in a network, more effectively?

When the person gets to the Internet for the first time, at it eyes - how much interesting is there at once run up! Apart from gigabyte of important information, there is still a possibility of communication with other users of a network in chats or at forums, there are social networks, blogs etc.

At once and do not know where to go and what to begin the Internet with - travel - whether to watch the movie in the mode he - a line or music to listen, whether to download to itself(himself) something interesting, whether in a chat to chat, whether to get the personal blog.

And here the person who for the first time came into a network begins to look for convulsively information on the subjects interesting him, begins to communicate with people (and usually everywhere and at once - on ICQ, in chats, at forums, in social spheres), and still it is necessary to listen to favourite music, and on a dating site to glance, and - as without it is also the own website over time to organize.

As a result of people rushes on all this at once, and in several months understands that it does not have enough time for the Internet catastrophically in spite of the fact that in a network he spends practically all the free time. Does not manage to be engaged in the projects, does not manage to respond to e-mails of friends, there is no time to esteem interesting article on the favourite website. Of course, it very much afflicts him, can cause a depression or even a nervous breakdown and force the person to try to refuse use of the Internet in general. The person understands that he does something not so, at other such problems does not arise - people manage to be engaged also in the websites, and still to have the blog, and to communicate with friends. And nobody complains of a lack of time. And besides a network each of them still has the private life, the interests, work and all other. How all of them are in time?

But in several years, already thoroughly pokhodiv on a network, having sated with communication in chats and blogs, and having understood that on the Internet to what, the user at last begins to understand in what here a secret. And all secret is that people who all are in time in a network, just - 24 hours a day also do not sit at the monitor. Just they precisely know as where it is possible to find in a network as already have necessary experience in it. They do not carry out day and night, communicating on ICQ, and go online only to find information interesting them, or, for example, to make the next entry in the blog. All unnecessary and excess virtual contacts with time are cut, remain only those which are really interesting to the person and which he needs. To put it briefly, the skilled Internet - the user is able to derive for himself from a network benefit, without spending on this large number of time.

Besides, many first create a huge number of different blogs, diaries, the thin websites in a network, hoping that they will fill them with interesting content over time. But actually, the average user does not have enough time for all this, certainly, just physically, and laziness does not allow to be engaged in the projects regularly. As a result of more than a half of these websites it is thrown and to nobody necessary as it is known that that the project existed in a network and it was demanded, its owner has to be engaged in it constantly. But not all are capable of it. Moreover, interests at the person change over time, and the fact that it was interesting to him still a year ago, already simply cannot be necessary for him. In it the reason that people create the websites or blogs, and then forget about them. This quite widespread phenomenon in a network. Over time the person understands that it is necessary to leave only those projects which are of interest to him at the moment and which it has a desire now to be engaged.

Summarizing all aforesaid, it is possible to give several small advice which will help you to use the time spent in a network it is more effective:

1. You go online only as necessary, that is, only when you need some information, or there are some important issues in a network.

2. Be not aimlessly at the monitor, clicking a mouse on all references and buttons which are catching sight to you. Having finished work, try to switch off at once the computer - also you will save the electric power.

3. It does not make sense on ten times a day to check mail, hardly in several hours there something will change.

4. Limit the Internet - contacts to a minimum. Leave only the most necessary the Internet - acquaintances, ruthlessly cut all others. Without need you do not strike up new acquaintances of which then it will be difficult to get rid.

5. Reduce communication time in chats, forums, ICQ. For certain you also noticed more than once that eternal lag in it - a line brings a little real benefit, and time for it leaves much.

6. Do not create without need new the Internet - resources (the websites, forums, blogs etc.) if you are definitely not sure that you will be seriously engaged further in them.

Following these simple rules, you learn to obtain all information necessary for you from a network over time, without spending on it a lot of time and own forces. Besides, it is worth to remember that around us, besides a network, there is also an amazing real world in which sometimes it is possible to find much more interesting, than in the world of the Internet.