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As began Leningrad business and when ended? Part 2

Part 2

Participants of fatal February plenum in Smolny approved the resolution of the Politburo of Ts K of party, without having found out with what men of weight Pyotr Sergeyevich Popkov concerning creation of the Central Committee of RCP, on whose opinion " consulted; obsequiously agreed. It is quite possible that this conversation in a reception at Kuznetsov A. A., recorded by security service, was the same planned provocation at the request of the author Leningrad business as well as the All-Union wholesale trade fair organized by Malenkov.

The first secretary of the Central Committee of party of Leningrad and area did not give, obviously, to this exchange of opinions of special value, did not hear censure from the great leader yet: Companion Stalin on the Politburo showed Me where it conducts and that it means. But when I told it in the presence of responsible companions, nobody corrected me on this matter . Having elected the new first secretary V. M. Andrianov sent from Moscow by companion Stalin the asset of the party quietly went home, without alarm - companion Malenkov promised that will punish only several people who organized anti-party group.

After death of the great leader it will become clear that charge of preparation of the state reorganization of the country of Councils remained in Leningrad business unproven. Everything is formulated in a general view - the Chairman of Military board of the Supreme Court of the USSR general - the lieutenant of justice G. I. Bushuyev, - " drew a conclusion; The Direct formulation about to change of the Homeland is not present . The witnesses hearing such piece in A. A. Kuznetsov`s reception from P. S. Popkov was not found, but judges, as well as relatives of the victims of new lawlessness, were " too; some kind of hostages .

Presiding over process - show in Leningrad the general of justice Matulevich I. O. who was considered especially skilled the expert, justified itself when he was expelled from Military board: They admitted everything . As investigators gained recognitions under the leadership of Abakumov and Beria, beating out jaws, sadistically scoffing at pregnant women, will tell by miracle the survived unfortunate victims turned after tortures into disabled people and serving long sentences of penal servitude under sentence of brutal judicial show.

The chief of the Leningrad seaport Yakov Lvovich Beylinson arrested at the end of July, 1949 will tell in the conclusion as methodically beat off to it kidneys then he lived less than a year from 25 awarded years of bondage. The manager of department of regional committee of party Taisiya Vladimirovna Zakrzhevskaya as it the pregnant woman, " will explain; brought to a condition of moral and physical exhaustion signed fabricated recognitions. The first secretary of the Yaroslavl regional committee and the deputy of the Supreme Council Iosif Mikhaylovich Turko will tell ( cunning Ukrainian according to Malenkov) as his half-dead was released from a punishment cell after a consent to give false evidences.

There are several versions of the organization of post-war bloody terror of Leningrad residents. According to the first official, appeared at rehabilitation of A. A. Kuznetsov, N. A. Voznesensky, P. S. Popkov, Ya. F. Kapustin and other victims, this business Abakumov, Beria and other employees fabricated state securities. In 1957 the new version appeared. Malenkov and Beria fighting allegedly for the power with Voznesensky and Kuznetsov were called main organizers of the Leningrad political show. This version was supported by all who consciously held back a role in these repressions of companion Stalin.

One of the main reasons for an arbitrariness, according to the former defendants Leningrad business the desire of the leader of the Soviet people to hide responsible for defeat of 1941, a mistake in agriculture, and also lawlessness of retaliatory bodies was. There is also a version which is put forward by some historians that Voznesensky and Kuznetsov were leaders mysterious Russian party . Some researchers assume that companion Stalin decided to get rid of possible competitors in race for power, having frightened the country the next bloody stream before the being outlined nineteenth congress of CPSU at the same time.

If attentively to track events from October, 1945 to January, 1949, then it is possible to assume that Big Leningrad terror with a certain purpose and long before fatal February plenum reflected. In the first post-war fall only the few colleagues of the great leader knew about his serious illness connected with disorder of brain blood circulation. On October 10, 1945 the laconic message that the day before companion Stalin " was published in all newspapers; left for holiday on rest .

The foreign press reported about a serious illness of the Soviet generalissimo and the begun fight for a throne . There were publications that V. M. Molotov organized departure from Moscow to Sochi incapacitated tyrant . Some historians claim that then the great leader appointed the successors the secretary of All-Union Communist Party (bolsheviks) of the Central Committee A. A. Zhdanov - on parties and the First Deputy Chairman of Council of People`s Commissars N. A. Voznesensky - on the state. Remained secret whether Iosif Vissarionovich gave to the colleague Zhdanov any orders on destruction in case of the death of archival materials of bloody terror 30 - x years with its convicting resolutions. Stalin had to expect a possibility of successors of the power to publish his leading participation in mass repressions.

The American president Harry Truman charged on October 14 to the ambassador in Moscow to transfer urgently personally to Stalin the important letter to clear a situation. Only ten days later mister Harriman`s meeting with the great leader near Sochi took place, and in three days in the Soviet press the message on two conversations appeared. After return on December 17 Stalin began to pursue vigorously policy of reforms, transforming narcomats to the ministries, increasing at the same time the number of branch officials. A month later it reported on the defiant speech of Alexey Kuznetsov at pre-election meeting in the Vyborg palace of culture of Leningrad.

Instead of habitual glorification in the address leader of all times and people the legendary first secretary who was carefully storing before the arrest Stalin`s letter with words: Dear Alexey! All hope for you. The homeland will not forget you! spoke about patriotism of Leningrad residents, to which lot the most heartrending experiences " fell in this war;. His speech will be called seditious and three years later investigators will give from it excerpts, accusing Kuznetsov in to change . Even they will include enthusiastic statements of Alexey Aleksandrovich to the favourite city and its distressful inhabitants in a sentence.