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Why in Russia very much waited for a family holiday - Repairs?

In old times in Russia, for the second day the ambassador Sretenya as soon as the night sky behind a window began to brighten, in each country family the working holiday which was called long since by Repairs began. And, roles of each family member were painted in advance. Old men at once were accepted to repair of a horse harness, repaired harnesses. Their sons undertook for a plow, harrows and other stock, grandsons got something easier, for example, repair of benches and stools.

That at the grandmother in a chest?

had enough

work and at women. Grandmothers, usually, opened the chests and caskets, granddaughters span right there - not every day will see such show: beautiful dresses, skirts, jackets. And girls and young women were engaged in darning of linen, dexterously tightening tears, put patches, giving to clothes a new look.

Was considered, the work will be begun earlier, the more successful there will be a year. Therefore the youth, as a rule, did not close eyes not to miss the first harbingers of the coming morning. Especially girls who could not wait to marry worried. Suddenly happiness will see that in a log hut do not work yet and by will pass

to Girls - teenagers was trusted this day to furbish up on ware, they cleaned frying pans, washed coppers and saucepans from soot, scraped wooden bowls and spoons everything that managed to be repaired is closer than

to a lunch when there were first results of work, right there it was solemnly hung out. That the casual traveler or the neighbor who glanced on a spark saw that there live hardworking people.

Fat yes porridge - our food

always prepared for

this day a special dish - a salomata. In each province there were traditions. Somewhere just warmed up on a frying pan flour till brown color, then added to it water, trying to obtain that dense monotonous weight turned out. Then salted this kissel - porridge and filled with fried fat. From here also the salomata went.

In other places used not flour, and oats, peremelenny on manual kruporushka, or wheat. They were cooked to readiness, and then filled with fat or oil. But in some villages preferred to presoak wheat which previously " since evening; beat off in mortars, and since morning it was cooked by several hours while wheat did not become soft. Anyway ready porridge was filled with cracklings.

It is possible to imagine what aroma soared on a log hut when heated fat for a salomata. That it did not burn, it literally wearied, carefully mixing. On a condition of cracklings, by the way, judged quickness and culinary skill of the hostess. If somewhere the flank excessively blushed, chances that will be respectful to the cook, there was less. For now everything prepared, at all working slobbers flew. It was one more incentive somewhat quicker to finish with works and to start a meal

were eaten - and again for work

I only after that a family ran up . Men, after a nourishing lunch, having slightly taken rest, were accepted to repair of sheds and sheds which contained living creatures. There was enough work and in hen houses where every year it was necessary to repair or update poles for a bird. A female half of a family completed that was not in time then the dried and aired dresses, shirts, jackets sent back to a chest.

After that girls with mothers went to a festive sit-round gathering, and grandmothers with younger granddaughters stayed at home to replace a straw laying which was used as stuffing for mattresses. Those who had such wealth as feather pillows touched a feather, cleaning felted and adding is fresher than

What happiness - mushrooms pie!

Of course, on a sit-round gathering it was cheerful. Noise, laughter, various eggings on. Peculiar contests, for example, which of girls will most quicker darn a shirt were staged. The youth tried, in such competitions of mummy selected brides to the grown-up sons. And to strike with the person in dirt before future mother-in-law, none of girls did not want.

And after the last stitch is made, dancings began. And again everyone went all out to leave good impression. Was considered, the girl is more vigorous, the she has more chances to marry.

This sit-round gathering in Repairs with pies came to an end with tea drinking. And, always was surprise - practically all pies did with potatoes and only 1 - 2 with mushrooms. If who got a mushroom stuffing, was considered that the whole year will carry by all means. Or the girl will marry, or will come into some fortune. Guys did not disregard such lucky women too, trying to win love of such girls, so to speak, stuck to foreign happiness.

Even would hardly be pleasant to the brownie salomakh...

A this day in some villages were especially approached horses. Around a neck tied a whip, and around legs - onuchas. Was considered that at night brownies like to go by horses, and so they to an animal will not be put by

By the way, from the name of an entertainment some primordial Russian surnames - Salomakhin, Salomatin, Solomakhin also went to this holiday. And Vladimir Ivanovich Dahl, writing down custom of some edges, with surprise found out that in some places, slow, sluggish women and girls were christened salomakham . Very much they slow and viscous, as salomata