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Where on the Internet to buy and sell second-hand books by the principle from hand to hand ?

liked to rummage in secondhand bookshops In due time. It was always possible to find something interesting, and, above all, not expensive. Things are changing, secondhand bookshops now - a rarity. But it became much simpler to acquire old books, besides, possibilities of broad search, the choice at the price, the pre-order appeared. All this provides the Internet. And, it is not obligatory to have the computer at all. It is possible to use services of an Internet cafe or any point of access to Worldwide network, for example, in post office.

Through any search engine it is possible to find in the Network a significant amount of secondhand bookshops and the special websites by means of which anyone can sell books. When you precisely know a surname of the author and the name of the book, it is the simplest directly from them and to begin search. If the searcher offers several options, it will be necessary only to choose the most suitable at the price, a payment method and obtaining the book. But many prefer to use several checked websites on which books by the principle from hand to hand owners sell. As a rule, on them much more choice, than in the Internet - shops, is available an opportunity to receive detailed data on a condition of the bought book, and often, and to bargain by e-mail or by phone. It is important that on the similar websites there are comments of buyers on sellers therefore it is always possible to be convinced of their conscientiousness previously.

In my opinion, the most convenient similar websites three, it is www. alib. ru, www. libex. ru and molotok. ru. I repeatedly used them, at each of them the features, but there is and a lot of similar.

of Alib. ru

In my opinion, this website is most convenient. He acts since 1999, at the moment in him about one million books are offered for sale. Originally it was possible to sell through it books and without registration. Now for sale it is necessary to be registered and bring a payment on a tariff. It is natural that the person who should sell only several books will not go to him. On the one hand is a lack of the website, but with another - advantage. On the website there were constant sellers who are accurately following certain rules. Therefore the conflicts with buyers arise not often.

To buy books on Alib. ru, it is necessary to be registered, having specified original data. Mistakes in the address of the buyer can lead to misunderstanding as the considerable part of the bought books is sent by mail. It is possible to look for books on the website and without registration. For search in the catalog of the website it is enough to enter a surname of the author or the name of the book including incomplete into a search box. Having found the book interesting you, press near it an icon To Order . It is not the order of the book yet, detailed data on the book and the seller will open. Attentively read terms of sale, especially possible options of payment. If other is not stipulated, the price of the book is specified without delivery cost. At emergence of questions write to the seller, for this purpose below the description of the book there is a special window.

If decided to buy the book, you are registered, you check correctness of data in the form of the order and you press under it an icon To Order . Now the order is issued officially. The description of the book disappears from open part of the website as it is reserved for you. It is necessary to receive on e - mail the letter with order confirmation; if various options of payment and delivery are provided, then to be written off with the seller and to be defined what of them you will use. Buying books via this website, I used several options of an advance payment, cash on delivery when receiving by mail and cash payment at a meeting, but the last is actual only for big cities, though it is convenient.

If there is no book interesting you on the website at present, it can be ordered, having issued a special form of search. Offers will send you on e - mail. At different times I thus looked for eight books from which I bought seven. Searching there was only a collection of early stories of A. M. Zolototrubov published by small circulation in 1956.

of LibeX

is in many respects similar

of LibeX to the previous second-hand Internet - shop. To the seller on it is mute to be registered enough, and it is possible to buy books and without registration. For each book sold via the website the seller deducts small percent (for sale of the first 8 books it is not raised), which decreases with growth of number of sales. This website, unlike Alib. ru, is favorable to the sellers offering a small amount of books for sale. Undoubted plus is what the seller places not only the description, but also the photo of the sold book. The buyer can leave on the website comments on sellers, and also orders for the interesting books which are not on sale at present. By the way, the seller can leave comments on the registered buyers too. Not only the registered seller, but also any visitor of the website can offer the book on which the application is issued to the potential buyer. I used this website only two times. It is convenient, but on it it is much less books, than on Alib. ru, in any case, so seemed to me.

Hammer. Ru

Hammer. Ru - the big website of sale of goods working by the principle of auction. On it everything that it is possible to offer for sale is offered. For sale of books the big section is selected. Feature of the website is that the book, as well as any goods, are exposed for a certain term with the indication of the initial price for auction, except this price it is often offered also higher fixed for which the book can be bought at any time, without waiting for the end of auction. Conveniently on the website and the fact that by search it is possible to specify the city, the region and a price limit. Only the registered buyers participate in auctions. As well as on the previous website, the seller deducts small percent from sale which is removed from the sum which is in advance granted by it.

Having found on the website the book interesting you (as a rule, there is its photo and the description), you make the decision - to pay at once for the fixed price or to participate in auction which can last till 21 days. In auction it is possible to stake only above those that are already brought. During trading the seller can ask questions about e-mail. On the end of auction or at sale at the fixed price, the seller and the buyer who won lot receive e-mails with contact information of each other to coordinate payment and delivery of goods. After transaction leave on the website comments about each other.

The website is convenient, via it bought books repeatedly, as at the fixed price, and participating in auctions. Problems never arose.

It is natural that buyers are interested in safety issues of the personal data entered at registration on the websites. On all three websites which I use not one year I always pointed the same e - mail, and to Alib. ru also full address. Spam to e - mail or any advertizing mailings to the postal address never came!

On the Internet there are also other websites of second-hand sale of books by the principle from hand to hand similar on provided in article, but sales volumes, and respectively and the range, on them is much lower. If interest any rare books, then on the similar websites, especially thematic, it is worth coming, and suddenly will carry.

Successful to you purchases and entertaining reading.