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How to overcome crisis of middle age? Once having looked at

on itself in a mirror, you had feeling of disappointment: it is a lot of wrinkles, a gray hair in hair, the person semifresh and in eyes grief and despondency... Looked and were upset... It is good if this feeling visited you once and did not come back any more. But if the disappointment with appearance began to be supported with a dissatisfaction at work, in a family, then it is worth thinking about crisis of middle age : even more often begin to visit thoughts of monotony of own life, understanding flowing away as sand of time and the leaving youth...

There comes this crisis aged from 30 till 40 years, but figure these approximate, at some it happens after 40 years or does not happen at all. Happy people! From the scientific point of view, age crises - special, rather short on time (about one year) ontogenesis periods which are characterized by sharp mental changes. Treat the standard processes necessary for the normal forward course of personal development (Milton Eriksson). And now we will deal with these processes in more detail and we will begin with the reasons.

of the Reason crisis of middle age

the First reason - physiological character. Approximately during this period of life more frequent exacerbation of chronic diseases begins that leads to weakening of vital signs of all organism. There are first signs of aging that is process natural and irreversible. These sores and processes cause in the person feeling of uncertainty in tomorrow, the fatigue collects that results in nervousness and depression.

To the person understanding that what in youth came easily and simply, now causes difficulties and problems comes. At this age steady addictions appear: abuse of alcohol, smoking, sedentary life which exert negative impact on health. And understanding that well of all these habits to get rid, but to make it very much and very not easy just now comes. Fight against diseases and addictions can lead to a depression and even to alcoholism if they win, but not you.

The second reason has psychological character. Middle age is a peculiar bridge between two generations: not young, yet not old . Most often at this age there is a revaluation of values, the person already sees the meaning of life in certain vital achievements and if the course of life is chosen incorrectly, then there is feeling of disappointment itself, the opportunities and abilities. There is a requirement to change life, to make a fresh start, but the physiology and understanding that any more not all on a shoulder interferes here. The person begins to worry very sharply that his vital plans disperse from reality. Search of an exit from developed situations if all attempts are unsuccessful, a result - a depression begins.

The third reason has social character. The person - an integral part of society and how it has public relations, exerts huge impact on his life. First of all, it is the family relations. Usually at this age of people already has a family and children if in a family everything is safe - big plus if is not present, then besides is one of the crisis reasons. If the person has no family relations, there are no friendly relations, the relations in collective, then there is a question of its insolvency as member of society.

Women usually seek to take place first of all as mothers, and on the second place - career. For women thirst of career development instead of family happiness can be not stimulating factor and destroying. Often women - careerists have no stable family relations. To men in this plan it is simpler, they assign care of the house and children to women, and are engaged in work or public work that helps them to realize the purposes and ambitions.

Of course, very individually and someone can safely tell all above that any crisis of middle age does not threaten them. I will answer that you should not promise. Life long and everything can exchange suddenly, and then it is necessary to deal with this problem.

the Solution

In - the first, it is necessary to take measures for delay of processes of aging of an organism and improvement of a physical state. It of course, active lifestyle and refusal of addictions. Sports as it is not banal sound, really help to cope with thoughts of the insolvency and the coming old age. Every day increasing load of an organism, you will rejoice to the small victories, and thought I can! will push to further fulfillments. Well, and a proverb that a sound mind in a sound body, long ago it is known to all.

In - the second if you are able to refuse smoking, then the pride for itself for a long time will lodge in your heart. It is only your desire and will power any others are capable of such decisive step, magic means here will not help.

If you do not suffer from addictions and it is not necessary to fight against them, it is possible to try to master what dreamed of in life, but always postponed for later or just did not decide. For each person it something special, for example, to learn to drive the car either to skate, or to take and jump with a parachute. It has to encourage fine and will increase authority on the eyes.

In - the third , it is necessary to remember once and for all that life one, any another will not be also the person the creator of the happiness. Therefore we get it together and we begin to create, as if it was heavy.

It is important not to concentrate on problems of an illness and the coming old age, and to approach it fully equipped - tempered and capable to fight. It is very important to care for himself and for quality of the life, and then any depressions and crises will avoid you. And if appear, then you will be ready to it.

Be happy, learn to derive pleasure from what you do and to give pleasure to those who are dear to you! Eventually not years in your life, and life in your years are important. (Abraham Lincoln)